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That's the best way I can think of to describe a dream I had just before waking up this morning. Normally I would write about what happened in it, but the problem here is that I can't find a way to link it all together, even though it did feel like one continuous segment at the time. As such, I'll go over in point-form what was memorable about it, starting from the very beginning.

a] There was a building way off at the far end of what felt like a schoolyard that we (me, and several other people I didn't know) had never gone to before, because we were told to stay away from it, and also because there was no path leading out to it. The schoolyard was essentially a square turned 45 degrees, with the school at the bottom, and the other building at the top. The space between was open grass, with trees overhead for shade (although I don't recall seeing any trunks in my field of vision), stretching a total distance (from one corner to the other) that would take a good five minutes to walk.

b] As part of a field trip, we would be going into the above-mentioned building, to see what was beyond it. The teacher told us it was actually their house, but to be careful, because there was a bear inside. Off we went, walking across the yard, and as might be expected, there was a fair amount of whispered discussion on the way there about what we would find, and a certain feeling of uneasiness the closer we got to it.

c] Inside the building, Adam (not sure where he came from) took the lead, and promptly came upon the bear. Literally, inside the door, and on the landing to the right up a small flight of stairs was a smallish bear, which was apparently being kept as a pet. It got up and growled at him, then laid back down, so we continued on. As I passed by, I said something like "A bear is there! I will leave you alone, bear, so you don't attack me", to laughter from the rest of our group.

d] We were shown through the house, and out into another room, where, to my shock, I saw two or three ovens lining the wall with cats in them. Yeah. Cats that were still alive, to be sure, and it didn't appear that the ovens were turned on, but I found the site quite disturbing, and almost went to ask why there were ovens with cats in them, but decided to step out the back door instead, to be on my own for a bit.

e] Out in the yard, I found that it had suddenly become nighttime, making me a bit wary from being in an unfamiliar area, but I quickly noticed that the area was completely fenced in, so there shouldn't be anything to worry about. I then walked around for a bit, noticing that the grass appeared to have been cut recently, and then, to my surprise, saw a glint of metal in the grass. I stepped forward to have a closer look, and saw that it was a toonie. I reached down to pick it up, and noticed another quarter off above and slightly to the side, as well as another toonie underneath the first one, which is where I got suspicious. I actually stopped for a moment, to ask myself whether or not I was dreaming, and when I was quite well convinced that I wasn't (for that's usually sufficient to wake me up), went back to picking up money. Four dollars turned into six, then eight, and ten, during which time I also noticed a loonie hidden under a bit of dirt next to the pile of toonies, but before I had another chance to question whether or not what I was seeing was real, something else happened.

f] From the above, I looked up just a bit, and noticed a figure walking toward the house. Maybe people in my dreams are cliches personified, but she was wearing a long white dress, and had long, black hair that was curled at the end. At first I was frightened. As mentioned above, the yard was completely closed in by a fence, and I didn't notice anybody else out there when I first stepped out, but instead of running away, or standing there unable to move, I stepped in closer to ask if she needed help. It was then that I noticed she was carrying a small child (please refer to what I said above about cliches), and although I can't remember what I said to her, or what she said to me, I do remember giving the child a kiss on the cheek, at her request (although it wasn't so much a feeling of request as "Would you care to do this?"), and immediately after that, I woke up.

I think one part of that could be linked to things I remembered last night, that happened with somebody I used to know, back when I was a teenager (something that makes me angry and upset to remember, for what it's worth), but what of the rest? I really don't care to try to explain it, because I don't have the patience for that today, and because there's still something else that I want to mention, that happened at work last night.

Megan - a past employee, who now has a job as a cab driver - brought some customers through, and after they had paid for their food, told Brandon to tell me to make her two specific items for free. Brandon told me, and I made no move to comply with that demand, ultimately leading to him giving the customers their food, and telling Megan that I said I wasn't going to make what she wanted unless she paid, which I did, adding that although Laura may give her free food, I wouldn't. Turns out Laura doesn't either, which I apologized for, but after she heard that, Megan apparently said "Tell him to go [expletive] himself!" One of the customers did the same, presumably being slightly drunk, and I set about making the next customer's order, amused at the outburst, as Laura came up to ask what had happened. Apparently Megan won't be through tonight, because she has Sundays off, but I do hope to see her on Monday, so we can pick up where we left off. Frankly, the fact that she used to work there doesn't excuse her attitude, and if she does come through on Monday, and I still feel the same way about it as I do now, she won't get a drink either (if she asks), because of what she said last night. Fortunately, the night aside from that went pretty much as I was expecting. Tom came in for his cookie pizza, and gave me $20, and I completed my usual extra cleaning for Saturday night, so now tonight might be the same as any other Sunday night after a busy weekend, if it weren't for Laura saying yesterday that she wants to be done and out quickly tonight, because she has to be up early in the morning. Fun, that, but... we'll see. That's all I can say. It might very well be busy all night again. I will find out in only a couple hours~

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