Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'm Being Taken Advantage Of~

One would think that after so many online purchases made for Brandon, he would look into getting his own Paypal account, yes? I don't recall the exact specifics of the registration process, but from what I do remember, waiting for the two security-check deposits to be made was the most difficult part. No, though. A package came for him just last week, and yesterday night, by which not even a full week had passed, he emailed me again to ask if I would buy another nine items from the same site as before for him. Will I? Only if he allows the package to be shipped to his address. As things are for the next several weeks, if I order those things tonight or tomorrow, they'll be shipped out by the end of the week at latest, and most likely arrive while I'm still in Toronto. I could just suck it up and give my address for shipping, but I really don't want to find things of that sort waiting when I get home this time. It's fun, but only to a point, and for the moment, I'd like to wait for the CDs I bought to be delivered before I even think of looking into anything else. Technically I will still have one more item coming after those arrive, but it won't be shipped out until the end of August / beginning of September as is, and by that point, I might have started shopping for Christmas presents. I have one item thus far, and maybe (just maybe) if I have time before / after the furmeet next week (or the week after), I'll go up to Sherway Gardens to look around in the Lego store again. Other gifts? Not a clue, as yet, but there's no hurry.

Packages and ordering things online aside, though, as per usual for Monday night, the foremost thing on my mind is that there's only one shift between me and another three days off. Last night went pretty well, despite... Oh, heh. Brandon just responded to me telling him what I said above with a short "Yeah okay". Probably because he's at work right now, and there are customers / he's busy, but I shouldn't think about it too much. Back to where I was going, yesterday went pretty well, despite being busy, but that may have been part of what contributed to it going well. I like nights where it's clear that there are too many customers to get things caught up ahead of time, because it's a change from the standard of always trying to be out of there as quickly as possible. Laura worried that Mary would call her in the morning to ask why we were there so late (~2:20), but Mary closes tonight. How does that fit in? It will either be as busy as it was yesterday, thereby preventing us from getting things done ahead of time, so she can experience such a close for herself, or it won't be, and she might see that as an indication that being there late just can't be helped from time to time. One way or the other, I'm looking forward to getting to work, but first, I have Brandon's request to go through with now. I certainly won't have to worry about having money for snacks on the way home~

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