Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Just a Bit Late

It has literally taken me all day to get around to making an ingredient / grocery list. Seriously. I woke up at ~2pm, and didn't get started on it until about 6am, because why? I really don't know, other than saying that I didn't feel like it, but it's also worth noting that while I wasn't in a bad mood earlier, I didn't feel like doing much of anything. Writing an entry in here crossed my mind several times, as did starting a conversation with Dan in MSN to get an idea of what baking supplies are still left there, but instead of either of those, I mostly did things related to games. For one, I rather discovered by surprise a torrent for Project Diva Extend DLC a couple days ago, and finally took it upon myself to install that when I got home from work last night. That led to discovering custom DLC, and trying to look around for a site that would give directions for how to install that, by the end of which I was very nearly feeling overwhelmed by those new things. Today didn't bring so much custom content as it did fiddling with the official releases (both for Extend, and the original game), and at one point, putting nearly an hour into converting AT3 files from a minigame found in one of the additional content packs for the first game. Not only is the AT3 to WAV homebrew program still quite difficult to find, but it wouldn't work on my newer PSP, so I had to get my old one out, and use it for the first time in probably a year. To bring this all to a conclusion, the official DLC is working as it should (although I wish I could sort Extend's data to the bottom of the game list, as right now it appears in with my DJMAX Portable ISOs), those AT3 files are converted (and converted again, to MP3), but not tagged, and I have some more music from said DLC (actual MP3s) that I have to decide whether or not I want to keep and properly tag, or discard. Oh, and along the same lines, the soundtrack / OST for Project Diva Extend that I bought on eBay came today. Yes indeed. Not that I know why, but now I also need to decide whether or not I should rip the tracks from it and put them on my PSP within the next couple days, or bring it to Toronto unopened to show Dan what I was referring to when I mentioned it before.

Back to where I was going before though, where baking ingredients are concerned, I think I have everything covered, and also have an answer to the question of what exactly I will make for / take to the furmeet: two batches of s'mores cookies, as well as the chocolate chip kind with Oreos inside (four batches of cookies altogether, that is), and also cheese breadsticks from Real Canadian Superstore, and candy from Bulk Barn. That, along with anything else from other people will be plenty, and making less for that (compared to last time) allows me to have more lined up to share with everybody in the apartment. At the moment, four recipes, along with a box of no-bake Oreo dessert mix I found at Walmart. It appears the difficulty now will be talking to Dan tomorrow, because I've been offline ever since earlier tonight, when I closed Instantbird to make a backup of the profile folder. I really have no reason not to, of course, but knowing my luck, I'll go to start that conversation, and find that he's away or offline. That then begs the question of what else I have planned for tomorrow though. Maybe go out to The Bargain Shop, and definitely around to Real Canadian Superstore / Food Basics to buy small ingredients, assuming I know what I'll need by then. In the meantime though, I kind of feel like I should observe that there is now less than a week left. Friday and Saturday will surely be the most difficult part, but after that? Sundays are usually fairly easy, and I have every reason to believe that closing with Mary on Monday next week as well will go the same as it did yesterday night. It was moderately busy, but not enough so that we couldn't get our respective tasks caught up, but she did seem rather out of it. Maybe because she was closing, or maybe because I was the other closer (or both), but aside from when I said I was going to clean the grease trap, both of us uttered barely a word to each other. She didn't say anything about what was discussed at the staff meeting either, and I did think about asking if she wanted to give me a run-down of what she told everybody then, but didn't for the thought that if it didn't occur to her, it must not be too important, and also that it could just be the case that she didn't say anything because she doesn't have any concerns with me about what was said then. Well, she did give me a brief speech about how I am under no circumstances to allow anybody else to touch a till that's on in my name, or to use one that's in somebody else's name. Which might make things interesting for the weekend.

At any rate, it's almost 7am now. I don't need to worry about staying up this early for another week yet (although, amusingly, come next Monday / Tuesday, I'll have been on the train for almost a third of my trip already), and I am tired, so I'm going to sleep. Will try to be less distracted about things tomorrow, but chances are that Color Cross (the other game-related thing that I evidently forgot to mention above) will eat up most of my time again. Just so long as I go over my grocery list with Dan first~

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