Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One More Game Finished

At the expense of leaving myself with very little time before I have to head out to work Color Cross solutions are all complete. All 150, according to the folder's properties, which is something, given that when I started, I thought that game would take far longer to go through. Instead, however, I feel as if I've been doing practically nothing else for the past couple days in order to put as much work into it as possible. Half a level complete on Tuesday, a level and a half done on Wednesday, another level and a half yesterday, and the final bit today. Will I upload the pictures? Yes, of course, but not yet. I think what would work best is to upload all the pictures from all the games I've extracted solutions from at once - say, when I get home from work - and name properly name all of those images before I go back to Mario's Picross 2, or start into a new game. Maybe I will take a break tonight though. Not to get any snacks, because I already did yesterday night, but to find something else to do. I need to put a copy of Teracopy (how very appropriate) on the external hard drive that I'll be bringing to Toronto, and then ask Xion in one way or another if he wants any of the shows that are on my drive, seeing as only the weekend is left now.

But before all that, there is work. I'm looking forward to the walk tonight, because it rained earlier, and is still nice and overcast outside. With luck, Manoah will have remembered to leave the $80 he owes me in the safe as well (I'll need that for groceries), but for the moment, the longer I sit here, the more likely I am to be late, and I can't have that. Maybe I should ask for a ride... I suppose I'll find out shortly~

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