Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'm Not the Only One

It really is fitting how appropriate this image is. I've come home from work, sat down to eat supper, found a new visual style and Winamp skin to test out, and was generally enjoying myself. I even gave mom her gas money back at ~5, because she was in the bathroom when I went out to use it myself. Then, however, some switch was flipped in my brain, and all I could think about from then on were things that made me feel anxious and depressed. Meanwhile, all I wanted to do was relax and enjoy myself for a bit before going to bed. It's now 20 minutes after 6am though, and I refuse to allow myself to sleep just yet, because if I do, I'll likely never get to something that happened on the way to work earlier tonight that I want to write about. Really, though, I would like to tell Dan, to see if he could offer any insight, because it seems like something he'd know about, but I can't very well talk all about what happened when I haven't yet explained the event.

It was on the way to work, as mentioned above. I was crossing over the bridge, and up a fair distance ahead of me, saw somebody who - from a distance - looked almost exactly like Dan. Roughly the same height, and most importantly wearing a green (I mean green) shirt, and black shorts, but as I got closer, I realized it wasn't, and chalked that up to coincidence. Our paths crossed as we were both walking across the street, and as I made my way past him (I was walking faster), he said something that sounded like "...random furry walking down the street?" I made some offhanded remark to myself, but didn't stop otherwise, and kept on until the intersection of Grand and St. Clair. While I was waiting for the light to change there, he caught up with me, and said "I think I've heard of you!" I asked him "How so?" or somesuch, immediately after which a truck went speeding around the corner making lots of noise, so I asked him to repeat what he said, and was told that he thought I was some J. Lawrence (he did give the full first name, but I can't remember what it was now - only that it started with a J), also known as "Bubbles". I think I said "No...", and he replied with "Oh, because somebody was talking about a guy walking around wearing cat ears and a tail...", and I told him "Not me", before turning, without another word, and continuing on to work. He said nothing further after that (at least that I heard), and I was amused with myself for a bit at how I didn't give my name, but that lead to something that I'm still wondering about. I can't help but feel that it could be a case of mistaken identity, which is endlessly entertaining to think about. It's not exactly plausible to suggest that people assume I am some other person as a result of me never officially identifying myself, but that has a certain reason to it all the same. I am also reminded of the person who found my old profile on a furry listing site a little while ago, and contacted me, saying they lived in the same city. Could the person I encountered tonight and that person who emailed me before be the same? Maybe, but I feel as if I'm doing a less and less adequate job of explaining this. I just wonder if the day will ever come when I go to a furmeet in Toronto and meet somebody there who recognizes me, but whom I don't know. That would be awkward.

Other things aside though, how does it feel to be one night closer to going away? Pretty annoying, to be blunt. I've reminded myself several times tonight (once just recently) that the last weekend before going away will always be the busiest, but to go with that, I know not what to say other than that I wasn't prepared this time. Way too many customers, extreme lack of patience from me, and frustration with Manoah (he's on vacation until the 3rd, meaning I won't get that $80 back until I get home) made it a rather painful night. Brandon ordered pizza for the three of us though, which was quite kind, and by some sort of miracle, I was allowed to go wash dishes for the last hour and a half of the night, because I am "the fastest" at them. I don't like the idea of relying on incentives to get me through the night, but I need something of the sort tomorrow. It doesn't have to be going to 7-11 for snacks, but what else? I just checked Food Basics' online flyer, and saw that they have cases of Pepsi on sale for $4.77 again, so I'll probably go pick up several of those before work to leave unopened until I get home from Toronto, but I can't just have a case of Pepsi to look forward to. Ice cream would be nice, I suppose. But in a form that could be shared with everybody (Brandon and Laura, that is)... I must think of something, but I'm not about to keep myself awake for even longer to do so. If an idea comes to mind before I fall asleep, I will make note of it in Notepad, and if it doesn't, I will... have to figure something out tomorrow~

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