Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Stopped for a Reason

It's remarkable how much I still dislike auction-format listings on eBay, even when the item in question isn't for me. As noted before, I bid on the items Brandon's girlfriend wanted, then at some point after that, refreshed the page to see that somebody else had outbid me. A third person came along and did that to the second about a day after though, and as it stands now, nobody else has bid. I suppose I could, but instead of doing that, I'm just going to wait until the last minute (probably literally) on the 2nd, and put in a higher bid then. After that, I may have to instate a no auctions rule for on buying things online for other people, because contrary to what he said, Brandon didn't on Saturday and still hasn't given me $40. He forgot the first time, had gone home by the time I got to work yesterday, and won't be around until I get home now, so assuming I win, that's what... $120? Money from Brandon does of course require me to win the auction, but where money from Manoah is concerned, I might also have to work out a late fee agreement for future loans. Something along the lines of a dollar a day, unless the other person informs me an as yet uncertain amount of time in advance.

...is it at all obvious that I'm rather tired right now? Really fun, that, when I still have another ~17 hours ahead of me. I wanted to sleep in today, just until 2:00 or so, but chose to wash the blanket I normally use last night, which somehow prevented me from getting a very good rest. I think I laid down at about 5:30, and woke up at 12:45, give or take ten minutes, and right now feel like getting up and going right out to work, to take care of things at the bank, Bulk Barn, and Dairy Queen well in advance, and to also help wake me up. I'm already fairly certain that I will stop at Tim Hortons on the way home for a cafe mocha, but unless I somehow manage to squeeze in an hour or two of sleep when I get home (which is unlikely, as I need that time to have a shower and finish packing), it will be a long night. Maybe I will fall asleep on the train after all...

To jump to a different topic once again, I sent George an email about a week ago to say that if he did want to come over to watch the first episode of season 4 of Warehouse 13, yesterday afternoon would work the best, but having still not heard from him when I left for work yesterday, I stopped at 7-11 for snacks on the way home, and then promptly forgot my plans. I got sidetracked first by putting some laundry in the washing machine, then by noticing Xion was online, and asking if he wanted any of the TV shows that were on the drive I keep things to watch on, so by the time I finally sat down, it seemed perfectly reasonable to just go back to Star Trek Voyager. I remembered before it was too late, though, and in just a few words, I want more now. The first episode of the season is bound to be compelling and suspenseful, but knowing that doesn't help dimish the anticipation. Luckily, a new episode airs tonight, and Xion even gave me a URL for a site where I should be able to watch it without finding a torrent, but I still have to work first, and am also let down that George never got back to me. I have about fifteen minutes left now though, so instead of just laying here, I might as well gather together everything that will need to be put in my backpack. More to do later would probably keep me awake, but I don't want to take the chance of forgetting something~

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