Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The End of No Sleep

Let's recount events since Monday evening, before I finally fall asleep for more than just five minutes here. Work was fairly standard for a Monday - busy until 11, but slow enough afterward that we were able to get caught up, and be out of there by ~2am. I stopped at Tim Hortons for a cafe mocha on the way home, exactly as planned, then at home, immediately set about gathering my laundry together to put it in the washing machine. Once that was taken care of, I busied myself with a mix of relaxing and packing and having a shower until ~4:30, when I started to feel tired. I was up moving about trying to clean up my room at the time though, so I was able to stay awake until 5:30, when we left. Our first stop was 7-11, where I bought some candies and a bottle of water, then McDonalds, for a small breakfast, and then off to the train station, which was fairly different so early in the morning. Sitting outside and watching the sky go from almost dark to light was interesting, and when the train finally arrived at the station, I didn't feel drowsy in the slightest. The train ride went pretty much the same as normal, and I busied myself with playing games on my laptop in order to keep myself alert, but then we stopped at the Brantford station, and something happened. Several passengers got on, one of whom took the seat next to me, and from then until Oakville, where they disembarked, I was with every breath inhaling a most unpleasant aroma of dirt and sweat. It's like they had absolutely no concern for their personal hygeine, but fortunately, they didn't stay on until Toronto, and past Oakville, I once again had both seats to myself. Once at Union Station, I sat down for about five minutes while waiting for Dan to arrive, and when he walked up, we exchanged a few words, and then went to go wait in line at the Tim Hortons... booth, I suppose. I got what I wanted there, and we immediately started in the direction of the subway station. By the time we got back to the apartment, it was nearly 11am, and I took the time only to send Naomi an email saying that I had arrived safely before laying down to get some sleep. Some. I wanted four hours, but in the end only got two because of the humidity, and after doing things on my laptop in the living room for an hour or so, Dan and I left to go to Real Canadian Superstore. Or rather, we left, but not directly to that destination. We first stopped at a convenience store up the street to get some transit tokens, then went to the bank so Dan could take care of business, followed by walking to Loblaw in hopes that they would have what I wanted to get at Real Canadian Superstore, but ended up coming away with only chocolate croissants for our efforts. Just down the sidewalk outside, Dan found a five dollar bill, which he bought a drink with, and then we were finally off to get groceries. Aside from sun lotion and fudge chocolate chips, I was able to get everything I wanted there, and assumed we would be going straight back home, but then Dan asked if I would mind stopping at McDonalds for something to eat. I said that would be fine, but then noticed a Canadian Tire up behind it, which I wanted to go to to look for a box fan to have to sleep tonight, so we did, but I didn't buy anything, after Dan said that there was almost certainly a fan back here that I could use. I did however learn that they have the same fans that I used to have one of though, for $30 each. We obviously went to McDonalds after that, then back to the apartment, by which point it was just after 8pm, and I was starting to feel tired, for going on only two hours of sleep. It's now nearly 2am, and aside from falling asleep for no more than ten minutes three or four times while we were watching Hoodwinked Too earlier, I'm still awake. So long as I focus on writing this, I feel normal for this time of night (a little tired, but nothing out of the ordinary), but I have the feeling I will get a very good sleep tonight. Fortunately, our plans for tomorrow only involve going to three places that are all open until at least 9pm, and maybe starting to bake something to share here on my part. Oh, and there was a fan here for me to use, so I have it in here (in Dan's room) turned on, facing me almost exactly the same as if I was back at home.

Overall, things are proceeding as planned thus far. I realized earlier tonight that I forgot to pack my measuring spoons and cup, but I can make do without those, as Dan bought a couple items recently that should serve the same purpose quite nicely. Perhaps the only difficulty is that even though I've been here for just under a day now, I haven't seen Xion, but I did talk to him online earlier (he's in the apartment, but doesn't want to be disturbed), and from that conversation got the feeling that he just doesn't want to be sociable right now for personal reasons, which I absolutely want to respect. He even offered to send me $10 via Paypal, but I told him I'd wait. We are physically separated by only a door. He may need to go to an ATM to get the money, but I'm not going to be so uppity over it that I want it back right away. I feel that it's time for bed now though, so I'll end this right away. There will be no alarm set for tomorrow, and it would be positively brilliant if it stormed while I was drifting in and out of sleep, as happened this morning, but as mentioned above, I have reason to believe that one way or the other, I will get a decent sleep. Rain (or similar) would just make it that much better~

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