Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Rather Long Day

To begin, I woke up around 1:30 in a much better state than the previous morning. The fan made all the difference, which is why I have it in here again tonight, but same as yesterday, there's more than just having a fan to make me cool that should make for a good sleep. You see, today was grocery shopping day part two, and we did all of that, but more as well. We set out a couple minutes after 3:00, and stopped first at the food court in Cloverdale Mall for lunch. Once we finished there, we went down to Dollarama (in the mall), where we both bought a couple things, and from there back out to Food Basics. They had a considerable amount of what I needed, so it was extremely helpful that Dan brought a cart for the groceries, as otherwise they would've been quite difficult to carry back. After Food Basics, we went to No Frills at Dan's suggestion that they might have fudge chocolate chips, and although I had my doubts, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they did. Not only those as well, but also small bags of icing sugar that I couldn't find at the previous store, and Double Stuf Oreos, that Food Basics was also out of. I remember going shopping for groceries the first time I was here, and taking off toward No Frills, assuming that was where we were going, to be told by Xion that it wasn't the best place to shop at, but I'm pleased at how they had exactly what I was after, and more. At any rate, following No Frills, we went down to Shoppers where I bought sun lotion, then to Bulk Barn in the same strip mall for another couple bags of candy, and finally back home. When did I start to consider this apartment home? I suppose it is in a sense, since I'm actually here and all, but it still feels a bit unusual. We sat down to rest for the better part of an hour there though, then got up to go to Loblaws for pop, as Food Basics was all out of cases of Pepsi. Loblaws had pop (cases of 12 instead of 18, but oh well) and paper towels, but no more chocolate croissants (meaning will very likely go there on my own some afternoon coming up for more), and when we left, we had six cases of the former, and four rolls of the latter. Plenty, yes? One might assume that because of all the pop we would go straight back home, but Dan decided to take an alternate route, and we ended up getting slightly lost, but got back home eventually. Unloaded everything, laid down, and, at least on my part, started to get comfortable with the idea of staying in for the rest of the night - enough so that I made and ate garlic bread for supper, which I probably wouldn't have done had I known what was to come.

I think I mentioned it in here yesterday, but there was a full moon tonight. We agreed previously that we'd go for a walk when it was out, and although I had already eaten and it was just after midnight, we did still go out. I can only just remember the exact route we took right now, but we were out for a good three hours. It was fun at first - about ten minutes down Dundas St West there were two police cars with their lights flashing, policemen standing outside of them stopping everybody who drove by to presumably make sure they weren't drinking, and we of course got questioned too, but it was more to the effect of my appearance. Dan said that now I could write in my LiveJournal that I was harrassed by the police though, so I have, but as I told him then, I was not harrassed. In fact, I was the one who nodded at them in the first place, so yes. Otherwise though, as I just said, it was fun at first, but then I started to get tired, making for just wanting to get back to the apartment. Dan suggested that sometime after the weekend, we might walk all the way down to the lake, as that would take up a good half of the day, but I'm not too sure about that. Not unless there's some incentive to be had down there...

As for things to come though, tomorrow will be baking day number one for me, but first, I have a minor dilemna to solve. I meant to bring a couple dish towels from home, as there aren't any here, but I forgot, and didn't remember to look for those when we were out earlier. I suppose Pharma Plus might have them, as may Zellers if I just wanted to say "to hell with it" and walk back down there on my own tomorrow, but I do need to get at least one, otherwise I'll have to wait for the dishes to dry in between making things tomorrow, and that won't do. That's all complicated further by the auction for the items Brandon's girlfriend wants ending tomorrow as well, for which I'll need to set my alarm to wake up at ~2:30, so I can be prepared to increase my bid. I could also just leave baking for Friday, since I'm making less this time anyway, but I'll work something out in the afternoon. I need to go to sleep again right now, because it has been another long day. At least it was fun and productive~

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