Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Caught In the Middle

I washed the dishes and took the recyclables and garbage out yesterday, yes? My intent was simply to have the kitchen clean for more baking then and today, so I thought nothing of it when I told Xion that if he heard somebody going in and out, it was me, and that I had Dan's key so I would be sure to lock the door. I came back from that to find a couple responses from him, the first one just saying "okay" and "thanks", and the second one saying "thanks for doing that, but you really shouldn't have to, because it was supposed to be Dan's turn". Conversation from there turned to unrelated matters, but the fact that issues related to me apparently overextending myself have come up once again remained with me, so when Dan came home, I told him that I disliked how I was seemingly in trouble for helping out again. He said that wasn't the case, and an hour or so later told me that Xion wasn't upset with me for doing those chores, but for Dan not doing them himself. Then Xion came out to make lunch for himself earlier this afternoon, and explained that while the help was appreciated, I shouldn't take on too much responsibility of that sort, because I am a guest, and that it was also more a matter of Dan procrastinating when it's his turn to wash the dishes and such. In other words, it's essentially a reversal of what happened last time, with me once again caught in between. I may be a guest, but this is an apartment, which I am staying at while visiting friends - not some fancy hotel where there's somebody available to comply with my every whim. It's frustrating, but not in any really significant way.

At any rate, baking is pretty much done for the furmeet tomorrow. S'mores cookies yesterday, Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies today, and dough to be made for cheese biscuits when Dan gets home (I forgot to buy a box of Bisquick before, and managed to ask him to get one before he comes home from his own errands), and I'm starting to think that just maybe - because the party room key is here already - I will start taking the pop and such down earlier this time. Otherwise, I'm just sitting here writing this, waiting to see if Chris will respond to the message I sent him (I still want to see if he's up for coming to Wonderland), and feeling kind of tired. I think I didn't get to sleep until after 5am, but so long as it helps me to be up around 11:00 tomorrow morning, I'll just make do with feeling drowsy. Is there anything else more interesting to mention though? I had a dream last night that it was the last day I was here, even though I knew I got here only a couple days ago, which was surprisingly quite distressing, and then another one about being in some unfamiliar city during Winter, when there was a huge flood and everything was in a state of chaos. I really don't know why though. Yesterday was not entirely a bad day by any means, but perhaps the negative outweighed the positive...

I should go put those cookies away though, since they should be cooled down now, and then maybe pick up where I left off last night. I was watching The Brave Little Toaster, but got too tired to stay awake about half an hour in. Today might be different~

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