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From Nothing, to Everything

I should go to sleep, what with it nearly being 6am, but I should also write this, what for knowing that if I don't, keeping a record of things done here will come to an abrupt end. Having started writing, it looks like I'm going with the latter, so let's see...

For a good several hours after I woke up today, it looked as if we wouldn't be doing anything. I slept 'til 2:30pm (on the couch, which ended up being quite comfortable), and all three of us were still tired from yesterday, so the most that was said for a little while was that we knew we should go out and do something, but couldn't come up with any ideas. Both Dan and I suggested a couple, but it wasn't until I finally decided that I wanted to go out to Real Canadian Superstore again to pick up some chicken that things actually got moving. Dan obviously said he would come along, and after fixing his sandals (with hot glue), we were off. On the way to the subway station, he suggested we stop somewhere along the way or out near Real Canadian Superstore for something to eat, which I agreed with, and then at (in) Islington station, he suggested that it would be better if I bought a day pass, because he didn't have enough money, and that would allow both of us unlimited access to public transit until ~1:30am, since it was Sunday. I did, and then down on the platform, made my own suggestion, being that we go out for supper first, since Real Canadian Superstore was open until 11. We ended up going downtown, and after brief deliberation, to The Golden Griddle, for a meal that was nice, and which Dan ended up paying for entirely. I had no part of it. He went up to the counter, and I remained at the table, assuming that if we had to go up there to pay, he would come back to say so, and when I did, he told me that he'd paid for both of us. From there, we went to Loblaws, which was quite a bit different than the other one we've been to a couple times. Three floors, quite staggering size, and so very many sweets that I was a bit let down that I was full from supper. I can't remember exactly how we made our way through there, but by the time we left, I had purchased a s'mores kit, for a reason I will mention after this, if I remember. Following that, we just... walked around downtown Toronto for quite a while. The idea was to eventually get out to the lake, and along the way, we went through a multitude of tunnels, with all manner of (closed) shops and other such things in them, and at the lake, just walked around, same as we had been. I must admit I was expecting something more like a beach - that is, sand, with a body of water off up ahead of it - but what was actually there was fine as well. I'm getting even more tired now though, so from there, we walked up and sort of around the CN Tower, briefly contemplating taking a ride up to look around at the top, which I ultimately declined to do (I would like to before I leave, but not without my camera), and then back through some above-ground walkways leading to Union Station, which were really humid inside. I gather now that the idea at Union Station was to get on a streetcar to head back to the apartment (or at least reasonably near it), but the path was closed, so we ended up having to take a shuttle bus, which turned out to be the wrong one, which led us to the proper streetcar anyway (after walking through an area we weren't supposed to enter), and then got off at what might as well have been a random stop, quite near another in the chain of fast food places (Smokie's Poutinerie) that we went to upon my arrival here last time. Dan said he kind of wanted to go in, and I urged him to go ahead, intending to pay for whatever he wanted, same as he'd done for me, but he said no in the end, and a couple minutes after that, admitted that the only reason he didn't want to go in was because he didn't know if they accepted credit cards. I let him in on my plan, so in we went, only to promptly be told we were closed, so out we went once again. Dan noticed a Pizza Pizza across the street, and asked if I would be up for getting pizza. I told him yes, only so long as we'd be able to bring it home, as I still wasn't feeling particularly hungry, but before we got there, I noticed a Tim Hortons just up from it, which ended up being closed, and which also ended up being enough to push the idea of pizza out of our minds. After that we... took another streetcar to Queen Street East (I think), another streetcar to High Park, then went on a nice walk through High Park to get to Bloor St, which ended up having an open Tim Hortons, so we went in there for something to eat, made our way to the subway station, and came back to the apartment. Since then, I watched part of a movie with Xion and Chris, talked with them for a bit (they're both in for the trip to Wonderland on Saturday), finished watching the movie on my own because they went into their room, and am now back in Dan's room writing this, feeling somewhat alarmed at how light it's becoming. He said I could close the blinds, which I declined at the time, thinking it would be nice to have sunlight streaming through the windows, but at the rate I'm going, I'll have only been asleep for a couple hours by the time said sunlight starts coming in.

Now, what's going on tomorrow? I need to finally get up to Real Canadian Superstore for chicken. And more s'mores snack mix. I think Dan is still up for coming along, but I might ask if he would mind me going on my own, because I'd like to do that again. They close early because of the long weekend though, and it's just as well, because we have certain completely unexpected (to me) plans for tomorrow evening: go out to a campsite that Dan says is relatively near the zoo, stay there for the night, and get to the zoo bright and early in the morning. I'm up for it, because that sounds like fun, even if I have a couple reservations concerning the weather and whatnot, but I don't know about having more time at the zoo, because all of Eurasia is still closed off, and if we're to wake up at ~8am, when I might not be asleep until then this morning, I'm not going to be in a very pleasant mood for walking around to see the animals. I suppose we could also sleep longer at the camp site, and go to the zoo at what would be a normal time, but it's a fun idea nonetheless. That's also what the s'mores kit I bought would be for. What better place to make them, yes?

Before I go to bed though, there is one specific thing that happened earlier tonight while we were out walking around that I absolutely must write about. We were outside Union Station, when, from behind me, I heard a female voice say "Hey!" I turned around, said "Hi", and was immediately asked "What are you supposed to be?" I answered with the same answer I gave when somebody in Cloverdale Mall asked that question - a snow leopard (obvious...) - and she kind of scoffed, but I continued on, saying that it was just something that made me me when she asked why. She then inquired as to "What [my] mom thinks of it", and when I said she was pretty much fine with it, the girl seemed truly taken aback. She said that if it was her son, she'd be telling him to "snap out of it" or something, but then, in a brief moment of reason, said "But you know what? To each their own...", before delving right back into snark with "Do you have any mental illnesses?" I told her "Not as far as I know...", and she said something that I didn't hear, to which my final remark was "As you said though, to each their own". Yeah. I think that's the first time I've actually been judged in such a way, but I'm not bothered by it. Dan knew exactly what I was thinking though, because when I mentioned it to Xion when we got back to the apartment, he said "Now you can write about it in your LiveJournal!", and yes... People... Now it's time for sleep. I really did have fun today, but a new day started six and a half hours ago, so there's bound to be more to come~

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