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Not What we Expected

Everyone at work tonight (me, Glenda, Jerome, and Jessica) thought that since it was the first night we were open 'till 2 again, we wouldn't be that busy for the last couple hours, because not everyone knew of the change yet. No though. In those last two hours, we did at least $150. I don't work tomorrow, and I wrote "No" on the schedule, so they shouldn't try to call me in, but if they do, the only way I will be is on the condition(s) that I'm just wearing my regular pants and shirt, just washing dishes or doing other prep, and leaving once that's all done.

The one thing about tomorrow that worries me is that it is a Thursday, a payday, and it's the first Thursday since we've started staying open 'till 2 again. Last time that happened, we had nonstop cars the whole night, and we didn't get out of there 'till 6.

But yeah. They can call, but first of all, what I say depends on my mood, and then also if they accept my conditions.

Feh. I have to do the dishes. I don't want to :s I also need to get to bed earlier tonight, seeing as I am tired, and we're going grocery shopping tomorrow. Hopefully EB Games has Guitar Hero II while we're out there, because that'd really be nice :3 It's funny. At first I didn't want that game because I thought I'd look stupid playing it, but now I really want it, simply because it seems so hard to find :p

And as for the tutorial I gave at Heart and Stroke this afternoon, it went pretty good. Whenever I clicked the "Distribute Receipt" button though, I'd get an error that said something about receipts not being distributed to the account or somesuch, so yeah. The person I was giving the tutorial to seemed to understand it though, but she just wants me to stop by sometime in the afternoon on Monday, just to watch her and make sure she's doing things properly. Meh. I don't want to, but if I have to, I will.

I suppose I should get in the kitchen and do the dishes though, because I'm about ready to fall asleep just sitting here :3

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