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Chatham is a City of Cows

...and other assorted farm animals. Dan came up with the idea about a week ago, and has missed no opportunity to bring it up (although I've been getting in on it too), and for that, he will be bludgeoned many times with a to-be-determined object (something relatively soft, at least) if and when I go back there again. We've already been discussing the possibility of doing something in November, because he's looking into having the next furmeet then, but sooner or later, he will get what's coming to him. Between that, and how he'll probably never forget me calling a giraffe a zebra at the zoo, he has been asking for it. It's all in good fun though, in such that I can feel things between us as being almost the same as how I interact with George, or Manoah at work - comfortable comradery, which I enjoy. He even said "We're going to miss having you around" as we were leaving the apartment to go to the train station earlier tonight, which is new, and quite touching. Compared to what it was like the first time I went there - everything being new, unusual, and in some cases, unnerving (going on the subway, for example) - I feel absolutely comfortable being in their apartment and hanging out with them. The first time, my thoughts were more along the lines of "This is where I'll be staying for the next five days? It's kind of small, isn't it?", whereas this time, I actually noticed how little that environment sticks out anymore. The fact that it's an apartment owned by friends, and I'm just there as a guest(-friend)? Doesn't even register. I sit on the couch in front of the TV, with my feet up on the table, and nobody says a word, unless I'm in the way of something they need. I walk around wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, with a blanket wrapped around the majority of my body, and all that's said is how I'm "wearing the blanket kind of like a toga", the point to all of this being that I like that feeling. For the record, I do still have some concerns regarding Xion, which I wrote about before (if he seemed absent for most of the past two weeks just because he wanted to be in only Chris's company, or if it's related that email I sent him about my concerns from last time), but for right now, I'm waiting to ask him which of those it is. I did bring that up while Dan and I were waiting for the train though, and he said that he thought Xion might be keeping to himself because he was afraid he might make me angry again. I then explained that I didn't send him that email out of anger, and he said it might help to tell Xion the same, but as I just said, I can't right now. I can't even get a response from Dan either, even though he appears to be online, but with him, the most pressing thing I want to say is that I would strongly prefer to be staff at future furmeets. Maybe later tonight...

In the meantime, I am just on my way home from a two week trip, so I must have other things to talk about, yes? Instead of going day by day though, I'm going to try a completely different format, as follows:

[Most Fun Day]
A tie between Saturday the 4th (the day of the furmeet), and Saturday the 11th (the second day we went to the zoo). The 4th was mostly fun for spending time with other people, and also for what I wrote that night - Bungee's comment that with him, Dan, and I all being upstairs, there were no staff downstairs, and Dan asking if I minded being staff. Specific memories include having five or six people sitting at the counter around the bowl of jelly beans, giving an amusing running commentary of the various flavors, being the first one down in the party room in the morning, and the first one to let people in, which led to taking Babs' money and giving her change out of my own pocket, and the satisfaction of being down there for the entire day (save a couple brief breaks where I ran up to the apartment to make biscuits, or to grab my laptop). I've said it many times now, but I really do want to go back for the 10th meet. I'd be more for having it in the party room than in a (m/h)otel, but either way, I want to go and help out as much as possible whenever the next one is scheduled for.

[Worst Day]
Again, a tie, this time between when we went camping (both the night and morning after), and the afternoon of Sunday the 12th. I still feel that the reason I didn't enjoy going camping is because I wasn't prepared for it. If I had a sleeping bag, and a proper pillow, and a little more notice that hey, we're going camping, which should be less of a shock with this advance notice, then I would probably have more fun. As it was though, I personally felt like I was going purely so I could say I'd done that too. As for Sunday, we met up with a couple people at Golden Griddle for the buffet, which was nice enough (aside from eating too much), but then went out to the island for most of the afternoon. Looking back now, it was a beautiful place, and walking around was nice, but at the time, I wanted nothing more than to be back on mainland. I was tired from waking up early, as well as from eating too much, but we made it back to the other ferry eventually, and then, as a result of Dan asking what I wanted to do, with my response being "I'm thinking I'd like to go home and rest for a bit", we went home to rest for a bit. Then went out to Wendys at ~11pm, since the day pass I purchased in the morning was still valid, and to Shoppers for toilet paper on the way back home, because there had been none for a couple days, and I wouldn't leave Dan alone about it. Not because I wanted toilet paper, but because he seemed to be procrastinating about buying more. Getting back to the island though, same as with camping, I could see going out there again being more enjoyable with a bit of warning. Randomly going out and walking around for several hours isn't my idea of a fun way to spend the afternoon.

[Most Satisfying Day]
Quite easily Wednesday the 8th. Getting up in the morning, packing up the tent, and being on our way to the zoo. I wasn't too fond of the hike while we were still on it, but looking back now, I'd like to go again. Getting to the zoo and sitting down for a nice lunch was the first satisfying part of the day, but the second part wasn't to come until we got home, and I sat down on the bed in Dan's room after having a shower. Just the idea of a long day - hiking for 2~3 hours to get to the zoo, walking around the zoo more after that, in spite of being tired and sweaty, and then going home to have a shower just cannot be beaten. To top it all off, an hour or so after I had a shower, we went out to Wendys for supper, which was fun for just being completely clean and dry, and for being somewhat tired, but not enough to go to bed, and for being back among normal surroundings. I would gladly repeat the whole camping escapade if it meant being able to do those things afterward again, just because of how satisfying it was.

I think that about sums it up. I'm sure if I thought back over from the beginning to end of all fourteen days, I would think of more memorable experiences, but on a whole, I did have fun. I think that leaves only one thing left for now though, which I can't complete anyway, as I'm not in Toronto or at home, where I would be able to upload the files. I have three new albums of music downloaded though, one of which was quite difficult to get to, so perhaps with my next entry, I'll have three sets of download links to give. Until then, I have but one thing to focus on for the next twenty minutes, which is anything but needing to go to the bathroom. I should've known better than to drink more than half the bottle of orange juice that I brought along, but I did, and now I'm feeling the effects. How much farther is there left to go?

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