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Just turned off the modem because Naomi was pissing me off, and I knew she was talking to people online and she wouldn't like that. Mom comes downstairs, and asks if I can hook Naomi back up to the internet. Told her no. Then went into the living room to call EB Games. Then heard Naomi crying upstairs. Something about "Well that's not fair!". Pathetic. Turned it back on, just so she'd stop whining, then told her to get a life. Apparently we're going out for supper in a bit, and if she's not coming, I'm at least hiding the modem somewhere. That's all she does these days - sits on the couch in front of the TV talking on MSN or whatever other chat program. And it recently dawned on me that she's getting away with this absolutely free. Me and Adam both have to pay a certain amount every month ($15), and yet she's getting away without paying anything. It's not going to happen.

So anyways, this is a great start to the day. Woke up, and noticed my alarm clock said it was 4:30, so I thought "Alright. Mom's probably just dropping Dad off at work, then we'll be going to get groceries after that". Then a couple minutes later, I realized that my alarm clock was 20 minutes slow, so in other words, it was already almost 5 :o Went out into the TV room and asked what had happened, only to find out that she took Naomi, because "She hasn't gone in a while." Yeah. The only reason she hasn't gone in a while is because she didn't want to. Now suddenly, on the day I'm supposed to go, she can decide she wants a turn, and go instead? I don't think so.

I suppose we'll be going out for supper in a bit, and after that, I might see if we can't run up there again. EB Games didn't get the game in again today (WTF?), but really, when I think about it, it's for stuff I don't need. Just cereal, and a box of things that are sort of like brownies. Can't think of the proper name :3

Oh, and what's more interesting, Taco Bell apparently called earlier. Wanted me to work over supper (which would undoubtedly extend into closing). Mom actually told them "No. He's sleeping, and I don't think he'd appreciate being woken up." Good job Mom. There's a reason I wrote "No" on the schedule. Apparently they don't know what it is though :\ But yeah. Jerome can work his 14 hour shift tonight. They should not be scheduling people like that. Shelia is, in this particular instance, an effing idiot. It used to be working there was alright, and at times a bit frustrating, but after having a couple days off, things were as good as new. Now, with each consecutive week, things go further and further downhill, with no sign of stopping.

It's closing. I swear. The day people do not realize (well, some of them probably do) how easy they've got it. All they have to do is take care of the customers, and keep enough food dropped. When their shift is done, they can just leave. As long as they weren't on a till that hadn't yet been counted off. How nice that must be. To just work 'till 3 or 4 or whatever, and say "I'm done. I'm going home to relax for the rest of the day." Yeah. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Take even three of those people, and have them start closing. They'd never know what hit 'em. Nice thought, but it'll never happen.

But then again, there are some people that know they can not do stuff, and get away with it. For example: the other day, Shelia spilled some loonies and toonies under line. I don't know how, so don't ask. I guess anything's possible with her :p What does she do instead of going after them herself (or getting someone else on to retrieve them)? Writes a note on the board at the back, directed specifically to the night staff, saying that when they swept under line, the loonies and toonies belonged to the safe. I could go on for a paragraph at least about saying they "belong to" a big metal box, but whatever. It's just... you're too lazy to so much as get a broom, and sweep the money out from underneath line? What? And you're the assistant general manager? What again? And managers aren't supposed to leave until the safe's counted by the next shift manager? What for the third time? I suppose it's like Glenda said the other night. We just work there.

It's almost time to leave for supper though, so this'll be it. For now :3

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