Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Something Else to Worry About

Right off, the theme for this entry will be work, since my first shift back was just last night, and there is... plenty to say. Let's start with the easy and work to the complicated though.

There's a new thing we have to tell every single customer now. A customer survey is being held through to at least the end of the month, and we absolutely must mention it at some point between them paying and receiving their food. I eventually took to giving people with only one order their receipt, and explaining that "We have a new customer survey going on right now, and all of the information for that is on the back of your receipt right there", and for anybody with more than one order, holding up one of the receipts with the back toward them, and saying "Your receipts will be in the bags, but when you get home, be sure to take notice that all of the information pertaining to a new customer survey we have going on right now is on the back". Most people seemed fine with it, but one lady asked if she could just throw it out (I told her "If you like"), and when people came through that I recognized, just asked if they'd heard about the survey yet, and if they said no, gave them a more informal rundown, and said that there was a chance to win $1,000 by completing it, as indicated on the back of the receipt. Really though, it's no different than what other fast food places do, except their incentives are usually along the lines of a free dessert or something, instead of the chance to win cash. At any rate, that isn't a big deal as I see it. I was extremely anxious and stressed over it at the beginning of the night, because I was still trying to get used to being back there again, and saw it as yet another thing to slow us down, but it's not, really.

Overall, I think the worst part of last night is what I already mentioned above - the anxiety and stress of trying to get used to the feeling of being there again. It was quite near overwhelming at first, but it was interesting to notice what it felt like when I did start to get used to it again. I knew what I was doing, and did eventually start to feel more tired than normal, from having woken up so early, but I remembered to bring an energy drink for that, and from there on, the night went pretty well. Although I should say that it was only that night itself that went well, because I have other things to worry about now. About an hour in, Manoah told me that Mary wanted him to talk to me about something, but wouldn't say what. I pestered him about it for a bit, which was enough to get him to say that it wasn't really bad, but he wouldn't tell me what it actually was until nearly 2am. I know now though, so it's like this. He doesn't know who the complaint came from, having not been on closes for a little while, but somebody went to Mary saying that I am not a "team player". Somebody on closes, presumably, because those are all I work right now. Right away, that makes it easy to narrow down the list of names. Cheryl hasn't been a manager for quite a while, so it can't be her. It's probably also not Mary, because she's not the type to take issue with somebody, but rely on another manager to talk to that person about the problem. It's also not likely to be Manoah, because he doesn't hide things like that either, and when he talked to me last night, he even said that he told Mary that didn't sound like me. Who does that leave? Laura. If I had to guess, I would say it's in regards to how I usually move from catching up the dishes to an extra cleaning task that I've assigned myself, instead of asking if she needs help. I asked Mary about tasks of that nature back when Cheryl complained about me cleaning the grease trap / apparently taking a long time with the dishes though, and she just said that so long as I have the time, and am not keeping us there late to finish whatever I want to do, I can go ahead. As I told Dan a short while ago in MSN, she does have the right to take that statement back, but do I not deserve some notification, instead of being expected to know without being told? To make all of this even better, what do you suppose the penalty for not helping out more will be? Having my shifts cut. Meanwhile, I'm now working only three a week, compared to the four I had before I left, so it seems they already have been. I will definitely be going in to talk to Mary about this on Tuesday - she works 3 to midnight - because it's unacceptable.

Aside from work though, things feel pretty much the same as they've been right now. To use the word Dan suggested yesterday, I'm still feeling a little lonely, but having two nights of work still to go is keeping me distracted. More distracting than that right now though is a page on unusued objects in various Mario games, which I am going to abruptly wrap this up to go read. If I think of more to say though, I'll leave myself some notes, and maybe get to it after work. I am enjoying this abrupt change in environment-inspired sincerity, so I'd like to keep it going, at least long enough to get to some other things that I still want to write about~

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