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It's Getting Better Now

Things will be in list format today, because I'm feeling a bit distracted, but still want to write this. I have an answer to one of the questions I left for work with yesterday, additional thoughts about what I could do for time off in November, something new concerning December, and so on.

a] My shifts were cut, but not for the reason I suspected. After work last night, Manoah told me that he and Mary had been talking that morning, and from that, he learned that the only reason I have four days off in a row for the next two weeks is because he's training a new manager on closes. As I said yesterday, they really only need two people for weekdays closes as well, which explains the extra time off. If I had money to throw around, and Dan was alright with it, I'd be at Via Rail right now buying a train ticket to go back to Toronto after work tonight, and come home Thursday evening. The need to talk about a certain other topic isn't quite as strong now that a good deal of stress has been lifted, as I just said, but it would be very much easier to talk in person. I can still make use of those four days though. I want to download all of these hacks and put them on my PSP, finish replying to the email I received from George this morning, talk to Mary and drop Brandon's package off on Tuesday, work on Mario's Picross 2 some more (this site references the Japanese Wikipedia's report that it contains more than 800 puzzles, which is an awful lot (but still not as many as Pic Pic)), and so on. Next week will probably be more boring, especially because Dan's going away on Saturday, so I won't be able to talk to him for a couple weeks after that. The bad thing is I've been talking to him more than normal recently, so that will be another difficult adjustment, unless I just give him a basic idea of what else I want to talk about, and work on an email about the specifics while he's away.

b] November. While it would be nice to be granted another week of time off then, it doesn't seem practical to expect that much. As such, I'm really getting into the low end of things now, with thinking about going for an entire three days - even less than the first time I went there. How it would go is I'd bake cookies / whatever I could take there on Thursday, and board the early train on Friday. Once there, sleep for a couple hours, go grocery shopping, buy / bake whatever else I want to provide for the furmeet, and help set up that same night (which bears mentioning because it's one of the things I like to do). Saturday would be the day of the furmeet, and Sunday would be for maybe going out to the zoo for a couple hours (I would only need to bring my backpack, after all), and then heading back to the train station. If I really really want to attend the furmeet that badly (I just might), then I would do that. Four days would be better, because then it could be extended to Monday, and we'd have both that afternoon and all of Sunday to go out and do things, as would five, or even six, but I'll wait to see what Mary says. It would be worth the $140 (probably closer to $200 with things for Saturday, and a meal or two), but I'm going about all of this as if I know that Mary will give me more time off, but not as much as before...

c] Last year in December, I went to Toronto for what was then the longest amount of time I'd ever been away from home on my own. One of the ideas was to do something special for my birthday, which fell through when nobody seemed to remember me saying that my birthday was on the 13th, but it was still fun. With it looking thus far like I might be going back in November this year though, December would appear to not figure in anywhere, but it actually does. Instead of explaining why anew though, here's another collection of bits and pieces of the conversation Dan and I had earlier:

(3:20:38pm) Dan Skunk: I wasn't going to do anything for December though, so you can make up for November by covering people's shifts for Christmas.
Dan Skunk: Maybe I could make some arrangements to come there instead.
Karadur: That might work, actually... I have a response to the other thing first though
Karadur: Strictly speaking (and I don't wish to tempt fate by saying this...), if the two week limit on time booked off was actually that enforced, I would have no chance of getting time off in November, so there must be other factors. I have until then to determine what they are, and thus be able to anticipate them...
Dan Skunk: If 2 weeks was strictly enforced, you'd have no chance of getting the time off in August, either.
Karadur: As for December, yes. I would like to do that, if you're interested. Around the 13th would be even better for that, because that's when my birthday is (and I could also make s'mores cookies here for you to take back to Cheryl, since her birthday is on the 12th (if you're able to meet with her)...
Karadur: Indeed
Dan Skunk: Could be something we could arrange, yeah.
Karadur: One point for the "something else on her mind" idea
Dan Skunk: Maybe we could have a furmeet there one night.
Karadur: Sure. I'd like to try doing that again :3
Karadur: (also because being more involved with people again is one of the things I am reevaluating...)
Dan Skunk: I was thinking, we get a hotel room for the night and ask people to pitch in $10 for it.
Karadur: Not sure how expensive hotels around here are, but yeah, that would work
Dan Skunk: (Assuming, "Mom, Dad, I'm inviting some strangers from the internet to the house for the day," would go over badly.
Karadur: Wouldn't?
Karadur: Or "would"?
Dan Skunk: Would go over badly.
Dan Skunk: That would be some really cool parents to let us host a meet at their house.
Karadur: Oh... I could ask, but it wasn't an issue with the three people we had before (although we really only hung out on the porch)
Karadur: The living room is nice and big, and we have a large backyard, that only has a pool in it at the moment...
Karadur: One immediate concern for that though...
Karadur: Work for me (and arguably for other people as well)
Karadur: I should still be getting Tuesdays and Thursdays off in December, and my birthday falls on a Thursday, this year, which is convenient, and could probably get away with asking for one more day off (or switch with somebody for that shift), but don't think I could get much more time off otherwise
Karadur: So if you came here, I'd probably still be going to work during the evening...
Dan Skunk: We can find out when you're off and arrange a trip down there for those days.
Karadur: Alright. I don't want you to have to pay $140 for a train ticket to come here, for me to be away frequently :s
Dan Skunk: Yeah, that would be unfortunate if I come and you work every day I'm there.
Karadur: If I'm still getting Tuesday through Thursday off then though, I could probably ask for Monday and / or Friday off (or try to switch with somebody), depending on how much time you want to come for
Karadur: Well, really, I wouldn't have to ask for Friday off. Just request that I be scheduled to close then, so I can see you off at the train station, and then head to work
Dan Skunk: *nods nods*
Karadur: I think if you're up for it (and you do come here in December), it would be fun to go for a late-night walk out to Walmart. I'm looking forward to doing that myself again, so it would be even better to bring somebody else along <3
Dan Skunk: Sounds fun. :3
Karadur: Otherwise though, for things that I can think of to do immediately, there's a new movie theater out on the edge of town (just back a bit from Walmart and Real Canadian Superstore), we could go bowling, probably for a walk, and see about anything else then...
Dan Skunk: All sounds good.
Karadur: Oh, and since sleeping arrangements were a concern before, I should note that Trish and Ericka might be here around that time again, and if they are, they'll be using the mattress from the bed in the spare room. That still leaves my top bunk though, and if you think you might fall from there (for there is no guardrail), I could also move the mattress to the floor, or just give you a bunch of blankets to put on the floor for padding
Dan Skunk: No worries, I wouldn't fall.
Karadur: Not while sleeping. Maybe you wake up in the middle of the night needing to use the bathroom, and forget you're up on the top bunk :B
Dan Skunk: Naw. I wouldn't do that.
Karadur: I'll have to ask when Trish and Ericka will be here, because the living room and dining room (the two are connected, and the dining room is not used for what its name implies) would be best for a furmeet, but if they're here, we wouldn't be able to use the living room (and that's where most of the videogame things are...)
Karadur: I'm pretty sure they didn't arrive until a couple days before Christmas last year though, so hopefully that's the same this year

I do hope that works out, but December is even farther away than November. Still, that gives me plenty of time to find answers to the questions given above: when Trish and Ericka will be getting here, and if anybody minds friends / friends of friends being here for the afternoon and possibly evening. They didn't before, and I don't think we'd spend the entire time in the house, but it's better to ask than assume. With that, well, I might as well go see if Mom and Dad are still downstairs right now. I'm just going to continue reading reviews on various Super Mario World hacks if I don't, and I can do that when I get home from work, if I still want to~

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