Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

All the Fun is Over

My new Visa card came today, and over the following ~2 hours, I completed everything that I could remember needing to be completed with it. Called the number for activation, changed my billing information on TekSavvy's site, added the new card to my Paypal account, and called the former's customer service number to verify that the change had indeed gone through. Even at that though, the only confirmation I received was that there was a pending change to the expiration date (I'd misread an 8 as a 3), and not that the card number itself had been changed. As such, I still feel that it might not be a terribly bad idea to put just enough to pay for the internet plus the cancellation fee on my Money Mart card ($52.47 base fee for the internet, plus $2 card load fee, plus 50¢ transaction fee, and $10 for cancellation (along with another 50¢, should that count as a transaction as well (which it probably will), totalling $65.47), but there's an alternative: cancel my card from them on the assumption that the billing information change will have gone through by next week. Even if it hasn't, I'll be subject to only a 2% late fee on next month's internet charge, whereas there's no telling what would happen if they tried to take money from my prepaid card when enough wasn't on there. As such, the only detail remaining to be worked out is how cancellation at Money Mart works. From what I can find on their site, there's a $10 cancellation fee, but from searching online, I also find reports from a couple different people who say that it costs only $2.50 to cancel, which is the cost to call the appropriate number. Furthermore, there's a single report that the $10 comes in as a matter of being charged to obtain any money that may still be on the card. If that's the case (no actual cancellation fee from going into the store, but $10 to get the remaining balance in cash), I will end up paying $10 for maybe $6, and that will no doubt come after some attempt at retention.

In better news though, my room is all reorganized now. Back to pretty much exactly how I had it before (few additions, in the form of a laundry hamper and table), and just in time for a storm this afternoon. A loud storm, too, which led to a rather frustrating conversation with Dan. I told him that it had frightened me, and how I glared at the sky in response, and as a result, had to explain to him why. He said the sky wouldn't respond in any way, but it's more a matter of just doing it. It doesn't have to make sense, and I would argue that it's something that makes less and less sense the more one thinks about it. There's not really much else about the topic to say though. I do things, and some of those things don't always make sense. That is how I am. I believe one way of defining it is known as Moon Logic.

At any rate, writing this is starting to run into the time I want to use for other things today, so it will be ended here, but not before I say a couple other things first. Number one, on Monday - the last day I worked before I left - I bought a box of ice cream sandwiches and a box of Dilly Bars for everybody at work. It wasn't until Sunday night of this past weekend that I learned Manoah charged one of the new people $4 for two, because there was some confusion as to what they were there for, and he had (apparently) intended to replace them. My reply to the email Brandon sent me while I was away cleared that up though, so what of the $4? He still has it, and as I pointedly told him at work that night, now owes me $2. I should take the entire amount, but I'll settle for half, and write a note that leaves no room for misunderstanding next time I do something like that. Secondly, I downloaded all of the IPS patches for those Super Mario World hacks last night. Some ~600 of them, and you know what the best part is? They're not all named according to the names they have on the site, so when I go through them tonight, it will be one-by-one, so I can ensure that they're named properly. And I still need to get back to work on a reply to George, along with a nudge to Xion, because it's been a week since I sent him the email I mentioned before, and he still hasn't replied. Rain has pretty much cleared up though, and it's nearly 6:30 now, so I'll leave at 7, and look for something to eat in the meantime, because I'm getting hungry. Cheese breadsticks, if nothing else~

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