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RSS Feeds Can Wait

This touchpad clearly doesn't like me. I had everything all set for an RSS feed to keep track of accepted hacks over at SMW Central, but managed to tap my touchpad in such a way while the cursor was over a preview link (the idea was to make sure the feed items led to where they were supposed to) that caused that link to open in both the active tab and a new tab, and because of the way feed43 is set up, I'll have to start over. It's not that difficult or anything, but is a nuisance, what with having already spent ~6 hours between yesterday and today renaming files. I had every single hack downloaded the night before last night, but as noted in my previous entry, some of the names didn't match up with what the hack(s) was / were named on the site, and in some cases, the IPS files inside some of the archives didn't match up to the archive's file name. Instead of picking through and trying to match each hack with what it was named on the site, I started over. Created an entirely new folder, and named each file properly as I was going along. Once those were all downloaded, I used 7-Zip's Extract to "*\" function, to extract the contents of each archive to a folder with the same name of the archive. Then I started going through renaming the IPS files, which I just finished a couple hours ago. Finally, following that came the much, much easier part of opening IPSharp, selecting all of the patches at once, finding the original Super Mario World ROM, and letting it work through those. Still, though, that's not all. The site I downloaded the Super Mario World ROM from includes a fair portion of known hacks and alternate version of the game (alternate versions being different from hacks in terms of region, namely), so I need to pick through those and see what I don't have already, and then probably go through the files linked at the end of the first post here. In the end, I will have far, far too many Super Mario World hacks for my own good, but there's nothing quite so wrong with that. I will however say that it's kind of strange to think that I have only tonight and tomorrow off before I return to work. Even four days doesn't feel like long if you keep busy... On the topic of work though, I did go out there last night, and have a couple positive things to mention as a result.

a] I asked first about the complaint that was made regarding me. Mary said it was a matter of getting it into peoples' heads that they should help out with other work that needs to be done if / when theirs is caught up, but I normally do that as is, which I told her. Laura (she was also up front at the time doing something else) raised her hand and said "I can vouch for that". I continued, telling Mary what else Manoah had said to me - that if I don't smarten up, my shifts will be cut - and while I can't remember everything she said following that now, she did say "It wasn't quite like that...". My only concern is that if any other complaint(s) is / are issued about me in the future, I'll be given a chance to defend myself, as I did last night, but otherwise, that seems to be all resolved. She also told me what Manoah did on Saturday night - that the reason I have more days off than normal right now is because Manoah's training Denise on closes. As I told her then, I understand this four days thing now, and it's fine. I might prefer to work four and have three off, but it's not my place to raise a fuss. If my shifts aren't back to normal in September, however...

b] Immediately following the above, I said "I don't want to push my luck by saying this, but regarding November, if I can have more time off then, I wouldn't ask for two weeks". Mary nodded, thought for a moment, and said that she could "probably" give me time off then (meaning Manoah was correct with what he said on Sunday), and to leave her a note to that effect on Friday, for her consideration. I also told her that I'd ask for three days minimum, and seven days maximum (preferably seven days, because I could take advantage of always having Thursday off to stay for eight), so what needs to be worked out now is things with Dan. At the end of our conversation last night, he said he would try to ask about the party room today. I sent him a message asking about that just a couple minutes before 5, and while he's been in and out since then (judging from the "is idle / is no longer idle" status messages), he has not replied. I'm tempted to send another one saying "I feel ignored ;_;", but that might be pushing it, for a reason I'll get to in a moment. As for thinking about having him here in December, plans for that have all but been officially pushed back to January, mainly on the grounds that if I am able to get time off in November, asking for more the following month would really, really be pushing it. Also, assuming the same thing as before (being allowed time off), we would be able to more easily discuss the specifics in person. I'd like to have him here, and it would genuinely be fun to organize another furmeet, so I'm hoping that works out.

c] The only item not related to work. My first stop was Money Mart, to cancel my card. Instead of canceling it though, the lady there recommended that I just withdraw all the money, because without any money on it, "they" could not charge any fees, and in fact, she knew of at least one customer who did the same, and didn't touch the card for at least three years without issues. For most of the walk home, that solution seemed ideal. I didn't have to pay to get what was left on it, and it was as good as cancelled, but there is one... wrinkle to that. Should I ever try to put money on it again, I will undoubtedly be hit with monthly fees for however many months it went unused. As such, once I confirm that billing for the internet is working with my new card, I'll take note of the phone number on the back of the one from Money Mart, destroy it (the card), and call the number to cancel. Considering we're well past the 13th now, the fee for this month should have already been taken, and if they insist on charging another fee to cancel, I'll just get a money order, or better yet, use one of the Visa cheques that came with my new card. That would be quite appropriate.

Now, getting back to what I said I'd get to in a moment above, my plan seems to be working. I know Dan's going away for a couple weeks on Saturday, so since I've come home, I've been talking to him regularly. As of yesterday, I'm starting to notice that old irritation welling up again - that feeling of needing to get away and take a break, and I will get just that next week. I think Xion and Chris are going with him as well, so there will be absolutely nobody (apart from Manoah, who's rarely online) to talk to, which might lead to my feeling lonely again, but that works. It was my feeling lonely before that led to wanting to talk about one of the things I know I still need to get going on, so perhaps by this time on the 29th, I'll have started to tell him what's on my mind.

In the meantime though, I think I have things relatively planned out for tonight. After I finish writing this entry, go find a snack, then work on cleaning up all of these random files on my desktop. When that's done either start playing Super Mario World hacks, or go out to 7-11 and Tim Hortons, where I intend to use my new Visa card to be sure it's working. Then, just enjoy my night. I will get to replying to George eventually, but I couldn't say when. It'll be before the end of the month sometime, at least, because there's still just over a week left~

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