Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I May Have Been Preemptive

Had I known it was going to get this hot again, I'd have waited to reorganize my room. That way, I wouldn't have had to just pull out my air conditioner again, and leave the hose trailing into the spare room for lack of proper ventilation. I could have a shower and cool off that way, but I don't want to get all nice and clean now, only to become sweaty on the way to / at work again, and there's little else that could be done. Why couldn't it be as cool as it was last week at this time? One might expect that summer is on its way out, what with August being over next week, but apparently it's not completely gone yet, so I continue to grumble.

In related news (to getting ahead of myself), there's something to be said about my schedule at work. This past week, I had four days off. During the week coming, I have three (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday). The week after that, I have two. That's right - my shifts seem to be going back to what they were at this time last year: Tuesday and Thursday off, with closes throughout the rest of the week. It's not all bad, because more hours means more money, and more money would alleviate some of the stress described yesterday, but I'm sure it'll take some adjustment, not to mention the closing manager for all of next weekend is Denise. She and Manoah were the other two people last night though, and the shift went pretty well, so hopefully that carries through. As for the other things I needed to take care of at work last night...

Manoah could only give me $80, to start. Despite being so confident that he'd be getting paid enough to give me the full $120, he could not, so I eventually told him that I'll wait until our next pay for the remainder, but if I don't get it from him on Friday (either in person, or from being left in the safe), it'll be increased to $50. He agreed, although I imagine that was more a matter of confidence, because he's usually overly so, but we'll see about that in September. Secondly, I left Mary a note requesting time off as one of the first things I did after starting my shift. I asked for the 1st to 7th, but explained how I might stay until the 8th, so hopefully she approves. Assuming she does though, difficulties regarding departure time will arise. Normally, it's only a matter of thinking about how much time I want to get my things in order on the same day I get there, but the beginning of November is also when Halloween candy starts to go on sale, and I do want to get more this year as well. I could go over the advantages and disadvantages of each departure time, but it's probably better that I wait to get a response from Mary for now. Tonight, if I'm lucky, but probably not until Tuesday otherwise.

Aside from work, seeing my increased hours on the schedule last night led to thinking about what else I need to buy. A new pair of shoes for sure, because I dislike coming away from scrubbing the floors with wet socks, and probably a couple things for meals as well. Cheese breadsticks and pop are fine for nights I work, but I think cereal would be nice, as well as some Kraft Dinner, and my own package of hot dogs, so I don't have to keep using the ones here (speaking of which, I did the same thing at the beginning of the month - bought two boxes, and a package of hotdogs, but used only two hotdogs for each box (four in total), and gave the remaining eight to Dan, because he had exactly eight buns to use, so that worked out nicely). I should be able to afford all that, but a small plastic bowl from Dollarama would also be helpful. Why? Because I noticed while I was away that even though the bowl I had to eat cereal out of (which was smaller than the ones we have here), having cereal for breakfast still filled me up for several hours. It's more or less another thing to do to try to not overeat, so maybe I'll see about going out to both places on Tuesday. Monday, maybe, but we're supposed to be spending the day at Erieau with Aunt Patty and Uncle Rob. I had a dream about that the night before last (wading through loosely-packed sand that was up to my chest, but was only warm - not hot), and another one last night, wherein an episode of Warehouse 13 was taking place in our basement, and things were being moved around that shouldn't be, so somebody got the idea to turn off all the lights to see if we could spot any indication of subterfuge, and there was a small, creepy red light near the floor over by the furnace (it was an exciting dream, but that description doesn't do it justice), but yes. All of that can be dealt with at a later date. Right now, I have one more hour to be cool, before I go outside. Hopefully it's not as hot out there as it feels in here...

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