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[same title as yesterday]

I really like how things are looking for tonight and tomorrow. It’s nice out right now (much less humid than yesterday), and there’s a pretty reasonable chance of rain and / or thunderstorms both overnight, and for most of tomorrow. Suppose that means there’s even just a slight chance of getting out to Erieau tomorrow, and agreeing to go do something else on account of the rain? It’s not that I’m opposed to going there for the afternoon, but between not really wanting to go swimming, and sand that would likely get everywhere, spending the better part of the afternoon there isn’t terribly appealing. I’ll bring my camera to take pictures, sure, and could definitely go for a walk along the beach (so long as I don’t mind sand in my already worn-down shoes, once again), not to mention some money, in hopes of stopping for ice cream on the way home, but what else might there be to do? I don’t really know yet. Tuesday is when things will start picking up again. So long as I haven’t forgotten anything, by the time Friday rolls around again, I want to have gone to Walmart, Dollarama, and maybe Payless and Food Basics. The first three of those are all out at the far end of the city, and since I’ve come home, I’ve asked to go out there twice for various things. I’d rather not put finding a new pair of shoes off any longer, but if we go for those, I might as well go to Walmart and Dollarama at the same time, but after that, we’d just go out to Real Canadian Superstore on Thursday. In an attempt to condense all of that activity into one day, I’ve asked to go grocery shopping on Tuesday, and I’m sure we’ll be quite busy as a result.

Until then, however, I can only wait, and go about my normal activities as the time for them comes. There’s work tonight, where Manoah wants to do drive through instead, but I know I’m out of practice for closing line on my own, and then the thought that if it is raining on the way home, I’m going to go to 7-11, followed by cleaning, as per usual for the past couple days, and then wondering if I’ll ever continue writing either of these two emails I am obligated to compose. I’m tempted to just start over with my reply to George, because alot of what I’ve written already had to do with stuff that he said he had to do the day he sent it, and as for the one I was going to send Dan, I haven’t even started yet. Why? Because he’s still online, and thus would probably read the email before getting back home. I thought he was going camping first, and thus would be completely away for a couple weeks, but he’s actually gone to his friend’s cottage (although he still refers to it as “a cottage”, which is dumb, because he’s explained that it belongs to another friend of his before), and may or may not be going camping after that. For the record in here though, the main thing I was going to write to him about is this steadily growing urge / need to get on with my life. What does that mean? It’s a secret for now, largely because I need to get ready for work. Maybe I’ll write about that in more detail later though, and from that, come up with some things to actually say to / ask him, instead of just wanting to write him an email because he’s the best person to talk to. More immediately though, here’s hoping for a good night at work, and that rain doesn’t start to fall before I get there. It’s somewhat cloudier now than it was before, but I can still see some blue in the sky, so I may make it in time~

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