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Karadur Inacu 

Too Many Late Nights

It started with having been thrown off by having a nap earlier in the night. The day after that, it was because I wanted to both write a reply to an email, and a LiveJournal entry. Just last night, it was because I was downloading even more Super Mario World hacks, and didn't want to go to bed without seeing all of the patches applied first. To make that one step better, while it was nice and cool out when I went to bed, it was much more humid when the time I would normally wake up came around, and I didn't think to check the time first, thus not seeing that I could've grabbed my thin blanket instead, and had at least another hour of sleep. Instead, I have exactly how much sleep I got last night to go on for the first of my four closes this weekend, but also an energy drink to help with that, and knowing that I can go to bed however early I like. Not that it helps all that much, because tomorrow will be another late one, but I'd prefer to get this somewhat back in order quickly, as we have haircut appointments to go for next week, and I can't just say "Oh, five hours of sleep will be fine". It is kind of funny how that works though. I want nothing to do with having a long day centered around work like that (unless I've been planning for it), but everything to do with doing just that in Toronto - waking up early, hiking to the zoo, walking around there for the afternoon, eventually going back to the apartment, and not laying down in bed again until a normal time. Work isn't as fun, I suppose. Considering I'm on four days with three off afterward this weekend though, I might have to think about doing something like that on Monday. Better to just wait until the end of October though, because...

Along with other running around yesterday, I asked to go to work so I could check with Mary about that note I left her last week. Without hesitation, she said "That's fine", and then conversation diverted to saying how next time I go away, I'm going to have to leave a note making it explicitly clear what whatever treats I leave there are for (as I've said before, I didn't last time, and the ice cream was a source of some controversy as a result). It wasn't until Dan and I were well into the conversation spurred by being given that answer that I realized what else it means though. Provided I'm scheduled to close on Wednesday (which I hope I am), I'll close on Halloween, followed by going home, packing up, and heading off to Toronto in the same "day". On the other hand, not being scheduled to close on Wednesday would work too. Why? Because I always have Tuesday off, and if I'm not going to be scheduled for a shift on Wednesday either, I might as well get a train ticket to leave on Tuesday morning again. It seems from checking Via Rails' site that I would need to purchase my ticket at least 3 days in advance in order to get the cheapest fare, so I suppose I will just wait until that schedule goes up. Alternately, I could ask Mary if she intends to schedule me to work on the 31st, but she probably wouldn't be able to say this far in advance, and I wouldn't want her to misconstrue that as me saying "I know I should consider myself lucky for getting more time off even though I'm past my limit, but would you consider not scheduling me for this day as well?". If she doesn't, I'll have an extra two days. If she does, I'll still have eight. As for the Halloween candy thing, I've decided that can wait until I get back. I bought another four cases of pop yesterday, making for eleven that are under my bed right now (all but one are 18-packs), so for one, I don't have the room to store any candy, and for two, stockpiles of stuff are getting excessive. 192 cans of pop, 16 (small) bottles of juice, four boxes of Kraft Dinner (I was going to make one for supper last night, but dealing with Super Mario World hack patches took longer than I expected), one (only one) package of hotdogs, and a bunch of baking supplies. Yay. It's a shame pop is so heavy and bulky, because I could try to bring some of it with me in November for the furmeet... As I told Dan yesterday though, I already have plans for a new weekly... ritual in mind: on Friday, either before I leave, or when I get home from work, look through online flyers for the stores I frequent / used to frequent (Food Basics, Real Canadian Superstore, Walmart, Sobeys, and possibly No Frills) to see what sorts of deals are on that week, and possibly make a list of things to go shopping for. I know for certain that I'll be doing the same with Walmart (and hopefully Real Canadian Superstore) in December as well. Instead of walking all the way out there and aimlessly wandering around, which carries with it a great risk of overspending, peruse the flyers for those two stores before I go out, and have a list of things to pick up. That's not to say I won't still consider things that aren't on my list, but knowing what I'm going for just might make it better. What will also make it better though is if the new Tim Hortons that's going up out there right now is in operation by then. I would so very much love to stop by there for snacks <3

Does that leave anything else to be mentioned? I've pretty much set this aside, as a result of proposing the idea described above to Dan, but is there anything else to say? How about that I bought new shoes yesterday? ~$67, which is fair, considering I expected to spend about $60. Related: we were talking about going hiking again last night, and eventually came to the conclusion that trying to hike to the zoo again was infeasible. Starting on the 1st of November, they close at 4:30pm, meaning that even if we left the apartment at 8, we'd have ~4 hours at most. There is another possibility though: leave for the zoo early, and get there by subway and bus as normal, but then hike back to the campground, and take the bus and subway home from there. Potential issues for that right now are the weather (hiking might be unsafe if there's snow and ice on the ground), and the early sunset. Leaving the zoo at 3~3:30pm should give us enough light, and Dan indirectly said he could bring his flashlight to be on the safe side, which would get us back to the bus stop at ~6pm at latest (assuming we stop at McDonalds up the hill from the park for something to eat), and then back home at probably 8 or 9. Would definitely be a full day that way, so I'm hoping it works out. Otherwise, there's a specific bit of cleaning in my room that I really want to take care of right now, because the box I have for it is beginning to annoy me, what with just sitting out in the middle of the floor, so I am going to take care of that, and afterward, probably play more Super Mario World hacks. At the moment, I have no fewer than 2,139, totaling an impressive 4.10GB. Those should keep me busy for... well, theoretically forever~

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