Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Something's Still Not Right

I thought I was doing well for not staying up too late, and getting enough sleep, but apparently that's either not the case, or I shouldn't have had another box of macaroni for supper. If I didn't have to work tonight, I would consider laying down for a nap, but I do, and assuming macaroni isn't to blame, I have waiting on PSP backups to hold responsible. I just didn't want to go to bed without seeing them finished, so I could properly disconnect the external drive, but that wasn't until ~6:30am, and from what I can tell, sleeping until 2pm after that wasn't enough. Perhaps this will go as normal though - tired until I get up and head out to work, but awake and alert once I get there. At least I don't feel sick tonight (yet). In spite of that rough start yesterday, the work part of the evening went pretty well, and we were out in good time again, with usual extra cleaning done on my part. Prior to Friday, I thought closing with Denise and Cheryl would be difficult, but it's actually not. We help each other out, get stuff done, and aside from them taking smoke breaks, don't just idly stand around when work is caught up and there aren't any orders. The one thing I've noticed about Denise is that she fits squarely into the "permissive" category, when it comes to being a manager. She, and other managers like her don't care what's going on, so long as rules are at least somewhat adhered to, compared to managers who seem to have an "exceptional" way of working. That is, they (and by expectation, all staff on their shifts) follow all the rules, except those which they deem acceptable to break. Mary is one of them, and there's definitely a disconnect between what she says (or what some of the notes she leave say) and what she does some of the time. I'm not complaining, once again. It's just something I noticed. That said though, I'm glad the three of us are closing next weekend as well.

That said, this is another day where I don't think much else bears mentioning. I completed the rest of my backups earlier, including uploading a few things to my Mediafire account, and sticking my 1TB drive in the enclosure I have (there was previously only an 80GB drive in it), so that's done for another month, but therein lies the problem. I've been waiting to do that for the better part of two weeks. Now that it's done, what should I do next? I've taken to watching Garfield & Friends for a change of pace, as well as playing StepMania, in addition to Super Mario World hacks, and working on Mario's Picross 2, but I think the only immediate thing I'm looking forward to is coming home from work tomorrow night, so I can stop by 7-11 for snacks. Those, plus two episodes of Warehouse 13 and three (I think) episodes of Hotel Hell will definitely be something to look forward to. Who knows? If I'm home by / before quarter after 2, I may even call Pizza Tonite for another order of cheese balls and fries (or just do so from work, and ask them to hold off on making them for ~10 minutes to let me get home), because those were quite good last time. Some sort of treat to look forward to will be nice, and then I can have three days off. For now though, two more nights on, the first of which I need to leave for now. I hope I wake up some on the way there~

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