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Tomorrow's Going to be Fun

I was talking with John on MSN about half an hour ago, and according to what he said, it's me, him, Josh, and Steve closing tomorrow night. Yay. Here's what will happen: John will be on drive through, me and Steve will be on line, and Josh'll be off doing whatever. I don't know what it is about that guy (Josh) but I can't stand him anymore. At work for now, at least. He just... doesn't know how to have fun anymore. He might start joking around about whatever every so often, but otherwise, he just takes things too seriously. What I honestly wouldn't give to be on drive through tomorrow night. Well, actually, I take that back :s It'd be a nice break from line, but I wouldn't explicitly ask to be put on it :p More like "If I get put on it, fine, but if I don't, fine as well."

Especially considering what went on earlier tonight. After we had supper, we went out to Real Canadian Superstore so I could get the stuff I wanted. When we got back, Adam said that Josh had called, wanting to know if I wanted to go to his house for the night. I waited for him to call back (me = lazy :s), and when he did, I told him that I just felt like staying home, because I was tired. Then I sat down at the computer, and eventually started watching Mr. Deeds while I played Geneforge 4 on my laptop. Little did I know that Josh was playing a game on Xbox Live with Adam, and he learned that I was still up. He didn't like that at all, but it begs the question: why do I have to go to bed straight away just because I say I'm tired? Doesn't make sense to me, but then again, here we are, at 6 in the morning, and I'm finally planning on calling it a night :p

So it's going on 6 in the morning right now. I said earlier that I could see being up 'till 6, but not after that, and it appears that I'm going to be right.

I want to be up by 12 or 1 (hopefully) as well, so yeah. Not only do I want to call EB Games (for what, you should know :3), but I'm also contemplating calling Taco Bell. They have me scheduled to start at 8 tomorrow, but Mom's gone to work herself then, and thus will have the van. So I can either walk, or call them, to see if I can get it changed to 9. Probably wait 'till 2 or so. Ran into Manoah at Sobeys earlier tonight as well, and according to him, it was pretty busy today, so I'm surprised they didn't try to call me in again, but I'm not going to complain :p

And one other thing before I go to bed. Don't fully know about the credibility of this site, seeing as I found it via a Google ad, but it seems legit, so whatever. Second last item on this page. Yeah, it's big, but the description specifically states that :s Pity there isn't a big "HOW TO ORDER" link somewhere. That's probably why you have to contact the person :p However, <3 That says it all :3 Yeah, it might just be a big (giant) tail, but I still want it~

I should probably try to get to sleep now though :x

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