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I Did Have Plans Before

Leave it to me to forget, yes? The whole point to buying snacks on the way home from work last night was that I could eat them while catching up on episodes of Warehouse 13 and Hotel Hell, but instead of watching either of those shows, I just continued with Garfield & Friends, and didn't remember what I had planned until they were nearly gone. The next best option would seem to be to order pizza from somewhere tonight (probably Pizza Tonite, pun not intended, because I want something more in a side dish instead of pizza), and try to make the best of the evening, but I'm kind of ahead of myself with eating. A bottle of orange juice, four chicken balls (modest so far), and... eleven chocolate chip cookies. Yeah. Two, then three, then six, and it's no wonder that I feel kind of unwell. I do still want a proper hot meal though, so we'll see in a bit. I was going to walk up to work for my pay stub have a shower back at home, and then call, but even if I left right now, I'd make it there only just in time, but I'd prefer a little extra, to ask Mary about something, but there's one other thing to mention first. It's 10:30pm right now. I've spent the entire day (since ~2pm) busying myself with a mixture of Super Demo World - The Legend Continues, Garfield, and a few minutes here and there on other things, so I must be distracted, but about what? Several topics, as follows:

a] What happened (at work) on Friday night? Being busy aside, I thought it went reasonably well, but the two calls I've received now - one from Manoah, and another from Mary - make me think otherwise. Both of them wanted to know if I'd seen anything that I would consider unusual. They also both wanted to know if I might have seen Denise taking an unusually long time to count the money in the safe. Could this be related to Tom being given his food for free? He had paid for it, but then volunteered to get the dishes caught up and help with a couple other things, for which his money was refunded (nothing out of the ordinary, save for the amount, which was ~$15), but maybe Denise forgot to put that receipt into the safe. Till money and other money are kept in two separate compartments in the safe though, one of which she probably wouldn't know how to open, so that wouldn't explain something being amiss with the rest. If anything, Cheryl needs to be questioned as well, because she and Denise were working more closely with each other than I was. I don't want to imply that I suspect Cheryl of causing a problem, but to think about it one way, on Friday night, when they were working together, there was apparently a problem. On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, however, there was not. Both of them closed on Saturday as well, yes, but Cheryl disappeared into the back for most of the night, and Denise was on drive through. Whatever the case, I hope it's solved by this coming Friday (Thursday would be better though, because Mary mentioned that the district manager would be around then when I was on the phone with her), because the three of us close again then, and I'd like next weekend to start out / go the same way as last.

b] Mail. I mentioned yesterday that I was expecting one more package, and sure enough, in spite of telling myself that I wouldn't let it get to me, it did this morning. They aren't exact times, but I woke up at 9:30, then 10:30, then 11, then 11:30, then 12:30, and finally went back to bed and had a relatively sound sleep until ~2pm, by which point no more mail than what had been delivered in the morning had arrived. I could say that because yesterday was a holiday, there might be one day to get things back in order, so I could expect it tomorrow, but thinking back to the first time the people this package is coming from sent the wrong thing to me, there were four business days (inclusive) between when it was shipped out, and when it was delivered. Thus, I might not get it until Thursday, or even worse, Friday (especially because I won't be around to sign for it, and a signature is required). On the other hand, looking at the tracking page for the first package, it was delivered within a day of being processed at the postal facility in London, which is the same place the second one has presumably been since 11:00 this morning, so maybe I'll get it tomorrow. If I get my hopes up for that though, the same process of repeatedly waking up early will happen a second time, and I could very well end up as displeased as I was today, before going back to sleep and getting over it. I remember writing before about how the easiest way to change the outcome of an event was to anticipate it. While that seemed true at the time, it still is now, but in a slightly different way. The more one anticipates something, the more specific the nature of that anticipation becomes, so when the day of the event arrives, and things don't go in the imagined fashion, there's much more difference to notice. There may still be something to be said of that being an easy way to adversely affect the outcome of the event (for example, I buy a train ticket to go to Toronto in November when we get paid this Thursday, and from then until the end of October, keep thinking about exactly how going there again will go, only for the day to come, and Via Rails' employees to be on strike again), but the other thought is true as well. Whatever the case, I'd like it before the end of the week, or I'm going to have to come up with something else to look forward to having after work on Monday / on Tuesday morning.

I think there might only be two items to put in that list. Something else I noticed earlier that's not as lengthy is that I'm finally back to wanting to keep to myself here. I only talked to Dan briefly this afternoon to send him links to yesterday's episodes of Hotel Hell, and other than that, I have no desire to say anything. Could it be that talking to him was my mind's way of maintaining a connection to him / them in lieu of knowing whether or not I'd be able to go there again in November? Now that I do, and now that we've decided I'll wait until the end of October to buy a train ticket, I have most of what I need to hold me over until then. The only specific thing I can see us discussing right now is things to make for the furmeet, because he gave me a handful of suggestions on behalf of a friend of his the other day. Said friend is the same person who wants to pay me $10 for a batch of S'mores Cookies next time I'm there, but while I'm fine with that, I get a bit annoyed at being told "You should make this!" Suggestions? Sure. Rattling off a list of things as if every random wish is my command? No, thanks. I had time for experimentation in August, what with two weeks off then, but half that in November means I'll stick to what I know is good. Also, it's not related in any way, but I just remembered something that happened at 7-11 last night. A guy and girl that were already in there when I entered were wandering through the aisles, trying to figure out what they should get. The guy eventually said that he was after a meal, not a snack, and then gestured toward the drinks, trying to think of the name of the pizza place that was just next door. Butting in, I said he was thinking of Dominos Pizza, which got a "He knows what I'm talking about!" directed to the girl, and then they went back to looking for another minute, still talking about what else they would get. I spoke up again, saying that Pizza Tonite was probably open, and to get there, they'd have to walk up to Queen St, turn right, and walk to just past the train station, but that their dining room might not be open. I didn't think to say that they might have closed early because of Labor Day, but they (the guy and girl) thanked me anyway, and were still browsing when I paid and left. I find that brief encounter remarkable because it used to not be like me to do that, but now, it's beginning to feel more natural. Not to the point where I could start up a conversation on any topic with anybody - it's generally limited to answering questions / helping the other person(s) out - but it is different. Differences aside though, it's time I got back to Super Demo World - I have to find a P-Switch somewhere in Misty Star World - and then figured out what I want for supper. Cheese balls and fries? Probably. Maybe something else to go with it though~

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