Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Good Starts Aren't Everything

Dan's entry from this morning says that he had a bad dream about his bike being dismantled and the parts stolen last night. I, on the other hand, had one of a much more pleasant nature. I was going there again - to visit him, that is - and while it felt like I was in the right place, the surroundings weren't the same. I don't remember much from outside the apartment building, but inside was much more spacious, and the colors were noticeably toned down - whites and greys, as opposed to brown of varying shades. Also, while it's difficult to convey a proper sense of direction with text, it was as if the entire building had been rotated ninety degrees clockwise, and their apartment itself moved down to be in the middle of the floor, but I don't recall seeing any other doors, except those to the stairwells. Also, there was something about / in the hallway that made it comfortable enough that, for a moment, I was content to just sit out there and rest for a bit. Dan came out almost immediately after opening the door though, and somewhat sarcastically asked if I wanted to go into the apartment and rest there, so I got up, walked in, and found what I took to be my bed right there in the living room, which didn't seem odd at all. The only remarkable feeling I had at the time was a combination of initially finding it a bit different being there again (instead of at home), but that was quickly replaced by familiarity of knowing I'd been there many times before, and also wanting nothing more just then than to flop down onto the bed. I did, and woke up shortly thereafter. Overall, text could never properly capture the way it felt, but it was completely peaceful, and I dare say a step elevated from what going there is normally like, but sadly, I think I have an explanation: watching a couple episodes of Hotel Hell just before I went to bed. Supper or interrupted sleep at the beginning of the day or something else caused me to be tired enough to call it a night early, and those were one of the last things I'd watched. That said, it was enjoyable, but completely opposite to that, something bad has happened.

I woke up just before 12 today, and checked the tracking page for that package, to find a new update saying that it was out for delivery, so instead of going back to sleep, I went down to the living room to wait for it. One hour, passed, and then two, before I got tired of waiting, and went upstairs again for no more than ten minutes. While there, I remembered that one of the other things I wanted to do with these days off was combine the two partitions on the computer downstairs into one, so I went back down there to back up Adam's files, and while I was waiting for that, checked the tracking page again. Another new update, this time with the description "Attempted delivery. Notice card left indicating where item can be picked up." Am I to believe that delivery just so happened to be attempted while I was upstairs? No, because even while I was, Mom was down in the kitchen, and the inside door was partly open, so any delivery person in a reasonable state of mind would've assumed somebody was home, and knocked. They didn't, though, for whatever reason, but there's also a second part to that. Yeah, the bit that says a delivery notice was left indicating where the package can be picked up. There's nothing in the mailbox, nothing on either of the doors, and nothing stuck to the wall, so where does that leave me? Waiting until tomorrow, as expected, to hope that the notice comes then, and I can go pick the package up a day early, as before. It's nonsense though. There was no delivery attempt made. I almost want to call the post office in the Shoppers over on Queen St. right now to ask about that, and see if there's any chance I can pick it up today without a delivery notice, but for one, there's no absolute guarantee that it was taken to that post office, and for two, there was a still a day between apparent attempted delivery and pickup last time the same happened. I was really hoping for it today though, because tomorrow will be interrupted by having to wash dishes, and a possible trip to Dollarama after those are done. I suppose I can't complain so long as I get it before I go back to work, but yeah. I am currently in no way pleased. The only remaining advantage to waking up early is that I'll get tired earlier than normal tonight, and thus tomorrow will come more quickly, but now I'm left wondering what I should do today? Finish up with the computer downstairs? I'd rather stay here in my room until I settle down a bit. Go out for groceries later, even though Naomi went again this week (which is another point of aggravation, but not enough to make anything out of)? Probably, but not until after supper, and then what about the rest of the night? I might pick up where I left off yesterday with wanting food. I did order supper from Pizza Tonite, but they didn't have any garlic bread, so I figure I ate just enough for the day. Unfortunately, what I was able to get wasn't even enough to last for an entire episode of Hotel Hell, so with luck, snacks from 7-11 will last longer.

At any rate, I need something to do, so I'll start with cleaning up a couple things on my desktop, and go from there. I will get to the other computer eventually, but for now, I've spent all the time downstairs that I am willing to~

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