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Some of What I Want

Here is yet another list-based entry, because several things have happened on top of what I was originally planning to write about, and I want to cover them all, but it's after 7pm already, and I'd still like to get out to Dollarama in the mall for a couple more energy drinks, which closes at 9pm.

a] Early Package Pickup is Preferable
In my entry yesterday, I said it looked like I'd have to hope a delivery notice for the package came with the mail today, which I would also hopefully be able to use to pick up my package on Thursday. It was about 7pm by the time I finished up with things on the downstairs computer, and figuring that I'd rather have the night free to play with my new toy, made a proposition to Adam that I would wash his dishes, if he washed mine tomorrow. He agreed, so I went upstairs to get my laptop, but before unplugging it, I refreshed the tracking page again, and was surprised to find a new update saying that the package was being held at the Shoppers over on Queen St.. I immediately went downstairs to grab the phone and a phone book first, and was eventually connected to the post office at that Shoppers. I explained what was going on, and the lady on the other end said their tracking system was usually a couple hours ahead (which doesn't make sense now - if anything, it should be behind), but offered to check anyway, so I gave my information, and a moment later, received an apology and confirmation from her that there was a package there for me, so I could pick it up any time (before 9pm). Just before thanking her and hanging up, I confirmed that my passport would be sufficient photo ID, then got ready, and left for a very quick walk out there. No more than half an hour there and back altogether, but I did get my package, and after opening it to confirm that what I wanted was in there (no free gift, but oh well), went downstairs to wash the dishes, then back upstairs planning to have a shower, which I never did, because I wanted to properly open my item more. It was and is exactly what I mentioned before - a PS Vita, and is pretty fun so far. I may not be able to understand most of the text in Project Diva F (the game came with it), but the gameplay is pretty much the same, and it's nice to finally have the system, considering that I ordered it back in the first week of July. The only complaint I have with it thus far is that there's nowhere to plug it in so I can put it up on my shelf with my PSP and 3DS, but I can live with that for now.

b] Money is Going Everywhere
Would it be acceptable to make a list within a list? Since getting paid yesterday, I've "spent" $154.56 on paying my Visa bill from last month (haven't yet received the bill, but was assured that that wouldn't matter), withdrawn $210 for Mom and Dad, and $70 for myself, spent ~$31 of that $70 on groceries at Real Canadian Superstore and Walmart (which isn't that bad considering all the groceries I bought (twelve bagels, twelve English Muffins, eighteen small bottles of juice, sixty-four waffles, two boxes of Kraft Dinner, two bags of chips and a chocolate croissant)), bought Lumines: Electronic Symphony and Touch My Katamari from Future Shop (both were $19.99 there, but $39.99 at EB Games - I think I'll be going to Future Shop from now on), and will probably spend another ~$15 cash at 7-11 tonight. Then there's tomorrow, with paying $10 for a haircut, and up to $10 on snacks at Tim Hortons (I could go without, but figure I might as well go while we're there for something special, instead of going to one back at home, when it isn't quite as significant), but after that, I think I should be done with spending money for the weekend. Manoah still owes me $40, which I should receive tomorrow, one way or the other, and on account of things still being decidedly touch-and-go with money, have decided to take a different approach toward my credit card. From now until matters are more stable / where I want them to be, it will be used to pay for the internet, and nothing else if I can help it. If it's possible to make individual payments as transactions show up in my statement online, then I'll do that, but it was pretty worrisome last night to finally see my pay deposited, but quickly remember that I had a $156 Visa bill. Still, shoes were major contributor to that. Had I not needed to buy those, my bill would've only been $86.79, which is much better. Thus far this month, I've put ~$13 on it at 7-11, and $45.18 at Future Shop, so even if I don't use it for the rest of the month, my bill will still be over $100, but that's better than before.

c] An Explanation for the Calls
After finishing up at Future Shop today, I asked Mom if we could stop by at work on the way home. I needed to pick up my pay stub at least, and perhaps even collect my $40 from Manoah, but he wasn't there today. Mary did mention however that I would see him tomorrow night, because he was closing all weekend, with an "if you know what I mean" sort of gesture. I asked what happened to Denise, and was told that she pretty much just walked in and quit. I then asked if that was related to her trying to get ahold of me earlier this week, and while she didn't exactly confirm that, she said enough for me to believe that that is / was the case. I also told her what I thought of after our talk on the phone back on Tuesday - that something might have been amiss with Tom being given his meal for free, which it turns out was more or less true, but for a slightly different reason. Tom got his food for free, which was fine. What wasn't fine is that while Denise refunded his money, she didn't ring his order back in as a manager meal (essentially for free), therefore, there was an unexplained refund of $15, and also $15 worth of missing food. At least that's how I understand it. It kind of sucks, because I would've preferred to close with Denise, but instead, it's Cheryl, Manoah, and I for tomorrow and Saturday, and Manoah and I for Sunday and Monday. Denise was more fun to work with, because she was still new, but Manoah and I usually have fun as well, so that will suffice. Getting back to going there this afternoon though, Mary went on to say that I - nay, everybody - knows what food usage is like right now, and she's still stressed out about it, but that I'm on her good side, so if she should happen to start taking it out on me, I should just ignore her. If there was still any doubt in my mind that I might be on her bad side as a result of asking for time off in November, after what she said when I got back, it's gone now. I will still endeavor to stay on her good side though, by... doing exactly what I have been doing. Makes me wonder what happened to that threat of my shifts being cut.

Three items will be it for tonight, because now I'm distracted with trying to remember what I was thinking about getting Adam for Christmas presents. I've noticed that Future Shop has a deal on where pre-ordering Paper Mario: Sticker Star online includes a $10 credit toward the game, but I'm stuck in indecision as to whether I should order two copies - one for me and one for him, or just one, for me, and find something else for him. I should be able to think on it for at least a couple days though. I'll give it until next Tuesday~

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