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I Liked That Less

I'd rate that a ~7 out of 10 as far as stressful dreams go. The setting? Toronto, primarily, but one part of it just before that came to mind, wherein I was still in Chatham, having just boarded the train. I presented my ticket, and turned the other one (for the return trip) over to have a quick look before putting it back in my wallet. I can't say for sure, but I think the departure date was January 24th, possibly prompted by thinking about how I should approach Mary regarding getting a few days off for Dan to come here in January. In spite of seeing that date though, I started panicking a bit, thinking it was only November (because that's when I'll next be going there), and that by leaving so many days early, I'd be unavailable for scheduled shifts at work, which would therefore see me in quite a bit of trouble when I got back. Right away, I can see some sense to how the dream played out now. A stressful start would lead to a stressful conclusion, which is mostly true. Continuing from the above, I remember absolutely nothing about the trip to Toronto, and from there, from the train station to the apartment. In fact, the closest thing that I remember from there is having to let myself in. Dan wasn't around for whatever reason, and I had the ability to come and go as I pleased, so I went in, and found my way to Dan's room, so I could unpack my things. Worth noting here is that the layout of their apartment in my dream was different than how it actually is too. Picture several tall rectangles side-by-side. The kitchen was in the leftmost rectangle, which connected to Dan's room, which was in the second. Next to that was at least one other room I didn't explore, and after that was the living room, which was about two rectangles in height (that is, a tall rectangle - not a square), and finally, an entryway. As stated though, I unpacked my things, and laid down in bed to have a nap, because I was tired from staying up all night to take the train, and not ten minutes later, either woke up again, or had fallen asleep and was having a dream. In either case, a couple people who I didn't recognize came into the room and asked if I was going to go out into the living room with them. I didn't know what to make of that at the time, but noticed Dan was also there then, and figured it was safe, so I got up, went out, and found about seven other people milling about out there. No TV, or other form(s) of entertainment. Some people were talking with each other, while others were just walking around, and I started freaking out a bit, because it felt distinctly like all of those other people lived there as well, and I couldn't imagine spending an entire week with that many other people, especially when I didn't know who they were. From there, the details become somewhat scattered, but I remember there being a storm, because we were all crowded around a window watching it. Dan managed to take a picture of the lightning with his phone, which looked in some way unreal when he showed it to everybody else. For a picture on his phone, it looked too realistic, but there were other things about it that were off too. The lightning looked strangely blocky - sort of like a stylized effect from a game, and the colors were also just a bit too vibrant. The lightning was stark white, and the sky was a perfect dark blue. It was only after noticing that that we all made our way out to the extension of the living room to look out the larger window there (it was like something out of the first level in Perfect Dark), and thinking back to what I saw now, I noticed something else wrong. The sky was upside-down. What shadows were visible on the clouds were on the top, but I was able to focus on that only for a moment before we all went back to sit down again, and my mind started racing about what I could do or suggest to at least make it feel like how going there actually is. Also around that time though, I started to get worried about what time it was, and shortly after that woke up, and have been since.

Having written about the dream, what about explanations? The confusion about when I was leaving was presumably related to thinking about Dan coming here in January, as I said. Concern over leaving when I might still have shifts to work is obviously related to our previous discussion about waiting until the last week of October to get a train ticket, possibly brought back to mind by seeing the new schedule at work last night. The different apartment layout most likely had something to do with seeing this picture, which I noticed looks vaguely like their kitchen, and the storm thing probably comes from it raining on the way home last night. I'm not sure about the other people living in the apartment though. Nothing comes to mind to explain that.

Aside from the dream though, the other topic on my mind right now is Denise. As expected, Manoah told us all about it last night, and sure enough, there's more to the story than I thought. Money actually did go missing, but had nothing to do with Tom's meal. Manoah said he called the alarm company, and they confirmed that on the night in question (last Friday), the alarm was set twice, once when all three of us were leaving, and once just after Cheryl and I had taken off for home. Furthermore, instead of resigning in person, which I thought had happened, she had her niece turn in her keys and uniform, apparently by way of throwing them on the counter and leaving. There's more beyond that as well, but as I'd rather not spread hearsay, I'm rather astonished. Apparently Lee-ann isn't doing much better though. Out of 100, she scored 15 when a secret shopper came through on Sunday night. Presumably as a result of Denise being gone though, I'm back to closing on Wednesday again for the next schedule. That means I get three more nights with Manoah, one night off, Wednesday with Laura, another night off, then Friday through Sunday with Laura, and Monday with Manoah. That'll be good for keeping me busy, and for making more on my next pay, but I'm sure that by the time the end of Thursday rolls around, I'm going to really want another day off. I've clearly lost my train of thought with this though, so I'm going to find something else to do. Starting with thinking of a title for this entry. I really ought to do that at the beginning...

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