Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Ten Hours is Enough

The idea last night was to sleep in for as long as I felt like, because I was really fatigued at work, but I didn't imagine I'd sleep straight through until 4pm. Do I feel awake now? Yes, but it wasn't until I got to work yesterday that I started feeling really tired, so it's too early to say. In the meantime though, I am allowed to speculate on what may have caused it. The dream I wrote about in my previous entry may have been partly responsible - stress could inhibit proper sleep, and it was a stressful dream - but I also have a theory in the works to the effect of irritation leading to exhaustion. Over the past couple days, I've told Dan bits and pieces about what happened last Friday night at work, building off other things I'd told him before. Thing is, after a point, that becomes a matter of continuing to supply information just for the sake of having a conversation, and when it's topics such as those under discussion - matters which he isn't involved in, and which don't concern him - there's only so far I can go / so much I can say before I become unavoidably irritated with the situation. Similarly, at work, sticking my nose in or otherwise doing things I normally wouldn't for the sake of interacting with people more has the same effect, and when I'm at work, when there's almost always something else to be done, be it cleaning or taking an order or washing dishes, any interruption in that stimulation really gets me worked up. It's annoying, in a way, because I want to say that I shouldn't have to worry about repercussions of being somebody other than who I am, but when it comes down to it, only for such problems to be caused by trying to do that. At any rate, the solution is simple: when talking to people at home, don't force conversation, and at work, keep to myself as much as is reasonably possible. Same solution(s) I came to before, if I recall, but sometime between then and now, I've forgotten about them.

In other news, I counted incorrectly yesterday. When I bought those two boxes of waffles, I thought there were 32 in each. Upon closer inspection, however, there are actually 48, and I've eaten only four, leaving me with ninety-two waffles. I'm just so pleased with myself, even more than normal, because I want to finish my cereal first, then bagels and English muffins, then Kraft Dinner, and finally, after all of that (which'll probably take until the end of the month to get through), nearly one-hundred waffles, and almost two-hundred cans of pop. And I still want Halloween candy in November, yes? Yes, and let's not forget having 7-11 or Tim Hortons as places to go to after a weekend / beginning of the week at work, because I'm still going to allow myself those treats. It's not really bad, per se. I just have quite a lot of food, but at least it's mostly all out of sight. I learned too quickly with the chips I bought from Walmart that having snacks out in plain sight in my room is one of the best ways to get me to eat them right away. Food aside though, I'm pretty much ready to take off for work right now, and get back to things here when I get home. I'm still not feeling completely normal, but there's enough to look forward to doing back here - Super Mario World hacks, Project Diva F, and Touch My Katamari - that work should go by fairly quickly. Less tiring than last night, if nothing else~

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