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Not Enough Time Today

I've had all afternoon to take care of just one thing, and now that it's time to leave for work (I need to go to the bank on the way in), I've remembered about it. Manoah borrowed $500 from me yesterday, in order to pay some bills, his rent, and surely other expenses. Because it's such a high amount, we agreed that he would sign another printed agreement stating terms and conditions of repayment, but I've not done my part in forgetting to make up another one of those. Could I just write it out on a piece of paper? I suppose, considering it would be fairly simple. Just the amount, expected repayment date, late fee (probably a dollar per day), and his signature. He can make a copy of it for himself at work, if he likes, and I'll keep the original in my wallet. Along the same lines as well, Tom asked last night if I'd be willing to lend him $60 until next week, which I had no reason to refuse, but realized only after giving Manoah the money he wanted that I'll need to go to the bank for Tom's. After all, I can only withdraw $500 from an ATM per day, and we went on the way home from work last night, which was just earlier this morning. I suppose I could wait until after work to go to the bank, because he said he'd stop by for the money around 1:30, but so long as I can make it there before work, I'll take that, and thus avoid unnecessary withdrawal fees.

Money aside, however, this has been about a normal afternoon. I slept only until ~2:45 today, but that was after having a couple slightly distressing dreams, one of which involved me waking up, checking the time on my laptop, and finding that it was already 4:30. I don't know what it is lately, but what I'd really like is a night of just solid sleep. Dreams are fine so long as they're not stressful or anything, but there's nothing quite like going to bed, and waking up the rest morning feeling completely rested, with no interruptions in between. Unfortunately, the weather (temperature, namely) is already going up again, but I'll just have to make do. That aside though, it's time I was off to one last night of work before having Tuesday off. I'd also like just one night where I don't get all impatient or annoyed with multiple people for coming in together, so we'll see. Yesterday went pretty well aside from that, so that's reason enough to expect a repeat~