Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'll Wait 'til Next Time

Today was significant, in a moderately limited way. It saw the official release of VHBL - a PS Vita homebrew loader - and marks me finally having a workable understanding of where things stand regarding all of that. Due to not having seen this in time, I was forced to upgrade my Vita to firmware 1.80 in order to create a proper account to play Lumines with, and for those several days, could not tell where that left me with being able to run homebrew. Certain sites had reports that VHBL worked on 1.80, but other sites stated that you had to have it installed prior to upgrading, which seems to be the case now. As it stands, I cannot currently do anything homebrew-related on my Vita until a new exploit is discovered, but that's okay, for a couple reasons, as follows:

a] In order to use the VHBL that was released today, I would've had to pay $20 to download a PSP game, with which a modified save file would be used. Said game has since been patched, however, so even if I had the money to download it, it wouldn't do me any good.
b] All the homebrew I could currently want is on my PSP. I quite literally have half a 64GB memory stick full of ISOs, several of which I haven't even touched yet, and when it comes to emulators and such, they all work fine on the PSP. Why would I need to transfer them to my Vita, other than to be able to have them working on there? Seeing them running on it would be neat, yes, but they would almost certainly require a rewrite first, and even if they did, the only place I've actually taken it out to thus far is to Tilbury, when we went for haircuts last week, so it would end up being more of a novelty.

That said, I'll just wait until next time. There have already been brief mentions of a native exploit (that is, one that takes advantage of a fault in the Vita's firmware itself), and until then, probably not notice. I haven't touched Lumines in a few days, and the last time I played Touch My Katamari was after work on Sunday, but have played quite a few songs in Project Diva F (the one called "Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!" is... something). I will say though that I've only beaten one on Hard and Extreme. All the rest were on easy, but it's progress nonetheless. Toward progress in things not related to games, however, there's still very little to say. Work yesterday night went just as well as I hoped it would, even including too much confusion with a couple people, and oh, I have officially received one payment via Interac e-Transfer. Brandon wanted a hat, so I bought the last one for him, and he sent me the full $45.21, in spite of me saying $45 would be fine. Lastly, I've decided to get supper from Dominos tonight, since it's Tuesday. I was even in the bathroom putting my order together with the web browser on my Vita earlier, which worked better than one might expect. There's still about an hour before I want to do that though, so I suppose I'll go have a shower, since I need to shave as well. This may be only one day off, but I'd like to make use of it~

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