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Back to Where We Started

Denise left earlier this month, and as of yesterday night, I noticed all of Leigh-ann's shifts were crossed out, according to Laura because she simply stopped showing up for them. That means that at present, there are only three managers: Mary, Manoah, and Laura, which isn't so bad for this time of year, but would likely be at least a little undesirable. I jokingly asked Laura last night if that meant James, Cheryl, and Chelsea would be promoted again, and she only said that Chelsea definitely wouldn't be, so maybe that means something. What's more, Manoah was on a bit of a tirade last weekend over George apparently telling Mary he was available to help out for one night a week again if she wanted him to come back, which he (Manoah) objects to, because he's still sore over the way George quit, as I understand it. In any case, there are only three managers for now, but there's still more. Also as of last week, Tom was permanently taken off closes. I'm not privvy to the exact details surrounding that decision, but it has to do with two different complaints being made about him within a month, from what I was told. That's fine when it comes to me getting more hours, and it's also incredibly satisfying playing dumb when he wonders aloud when the next time he'll be on a close will be (it's happened once so far), but it does have a downside too, and that downside is thus: for the moment, Cheryl and I are the only non-management closers. Until / unless they find somebody else willing to work them (such as Chris), and aside from the closing manager, it's always she and I together on Fridays and Saturdays, and for the rest of the week, her on Tuesday and Thursday, and me Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. I could say that's not bad for the obvious reason - better pay, but there's something else it may affect in a not-so-positive manner: my request for time off in November. How can I propose to go away when I close five out of seven nights a week? James could take some of those shifts, and as noted above, they might be able to give a couple to Chris as well, but I just can't see it working, and therefore intend to ask Mary about that next time I see her. I'll need to explain the same to Dan as well, but did send him a message last night saying that I needed to talk to him, and want to write this first today, while I still have more than enough time. That's the state of things at work though, and toward everything else, it's still going rather well. Last night wasn't terribly busy, and we got out pretty fast, but it still didn't come close to Wednesday. There were so few customers after midnight that I was able to complete four extra cleaning tasks, and we were still out by ~1:30. In other news...

I couldn't wait. Let's go with that. Upon finding a new relevant item in one of my RSS feeds when I got home last night, I bought Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on my Vita, and at least managed to get vHBL working. Homebrew, however, appears to be another matter entirely. The data for the one I intended to test it with last night is recognized by the content manager, and no error message is given when I try to copy it to the Vita, but upon launching the game and loading the loader, it doesn't appear. OpenCMA is installed as far as I can tell, and I did put my Vita in flight mode, but as yet, I've had no luck. Maybe it's for the best right now though, because until / unless I get a bigger memory card, getting homebrew to work would see it very quickly run out of space, same as what happened back when I got my first PSP. The loader is working though, and at least that stands for something.

Finally for today (unless something else comes to mind), I went out to Dollarama for snacks last night. The decision was based mostly on finding it exciting that it was pretty much dark out at 8:00, and wanting to do something special as a result, so I went out to the mall for a treat. Just inside, several kids were sitting off in front of me, but I walked right past them, hearing only giggling / gasping as I did, quickly pushing the thought that it must be directed toward me out of my mind. Into Dollarama I went, where I had all of ~30 seconds to look for cashews, when they all came in directly toward me, and proceeded to ask all the usual questions. I gave the usual answers, but then one girl who hadn't said anything up to that point said "That's a very attractive tail", and walked around to be behind / beside me, asking if she could touch it. I told her to go ahead, and she did. I expected her to laugh when she stood up again, but instead, her face was completely red, and she looked as if she was about it start crying. Instead of asking if something was wrong though, I turned back to the other people, we exchanged a few more words, and then parted ways, giving me a chance to wonder why she looked so embarrassed. Unfortunately, that was about the most interesting part of the night. As a result of eating too many snacks at once, I got really tired, and laid down to have a "nap" at ~10:30, with my alarm set to wake me up again at 12:30, so I wouldn't sleep the whole night away. It did go off, but instead of getting up to do other things, I told myself I had nothing better to do, and laid back down to go back to sleep, meaning I slept for a good ~15 hours altogether. I wasn't impressed with that then, moreso when I realized I could've spent some more time working on the spare room (I started it on Thursday afternoon), but it's too late to change now. What I can do, however, is start thinking right now about what I'll do next Thursday. Get back to working on the spare room? Properly figure out how to get homebrew working with vHBL? Make use of some of these baking supplies I still have? All are good options, but right now, what I really want to do is get up and find something for breakfast. Then talk to Dan, and maybe try to make some sense of my desktop, because it's rather cluttered with save files just now. Still four hours for all of that~

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