Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It Must Be Money

Why else would I have such a strange dream last night? Adam had purposefully (maliciously, I suppose) been infected with an unknown and dangerous disease, and the only way of finding a cure was to call a number left by the person who was responsible. He said he was going to call it, and repeat what they said, for me to quickly make note of with the computer downstairs, so he called, I opened Notepad, and somehow heard them quickly read through a long string of letters, which I couldn't type quickly enough to make a copy of. As expected, they hung up immediately after that, so he asked me if I got everything. The only response I could give was a worried and scared "No", before he went off into the kitchen, and I thought about calling the number again, and using the microphone on my camera to actually have a recording of what they said. That idea didn't seem entirely plausible though, because I figured they'd just hang up (getting the information felt like a one-time thing), so instead, I followed him into the kitchen to try to think of some other ideas, and on the way, noticed a short receipt in his hand. He said "That was an expensive phone call" (or similar), and held it up, so that I could see a total price of ~$780. Meanwhile, it was only a ~10 second call. Very rapidly feeling defeated, I meekly told him I'd try to pay that back over the next couple months, and he agreed, but then I woke up. That seems to be happening more often than normal lately - having dreams which don't go well, but which I don't realize are dreams until I wake up again. Maybe that's just natural, but either way, it shows that money is still definitely on my mind. I figure that where plans for November figure into it, I'll wait to see what Mary says. If the decrease in staff doesn't affect my request, I'll just have to make this a full year of my balance not being what I want it to, and next year, plan to go away less or something. If I was guaranteed to get the time off, I'd be happy going away for two weeks around Christmas, and another two weeks during Summer, then have Dan come here twice between those, for a week or so each time, but that would be six weeks off, when we're technically only allowed two. That said, as a matter of just going to to Toronto to visit everybody, twice a year would be better. I have to have spent... too much on that this year already. The frustrating thing about this is that I should tell Dan flat-out, but still don't want to talk to him for some reason. Even reading the entry he posted last night was patently annoying, because I'd rather be in his position right at the moment.

At any rate, yes, things are still lovely here. I've spent most of this afternoon working on Mario's Picross 2, which has actually been pretty decent, because I've now finished level 6 in Mario Mode. Unfortunately, I was having problems with the first puzzle of level 7 (even though I'd properly solved one section, the game wouldn't let me proceed as it had for the other levels), which led to checking GameFAQs to see if anybody else had the same problem, and therein, finding that somebody else has indeed already done everything I'm working on with that, and nearly eleven years ago, no less. Will I continue? Yes, but it's better doing things that haven't been done before, as I've already said. As for work, so long as it's not busy again, we're in for a pretty easy shift. There were so few customers last night that I was able to catch up on extra cleaning (and then some) for nearly the next three nights, and unless there's anything that Manoah wants cleaned specifically, I plan to take care of what would be Wednesday's tasks tonight, take it easy for the rest of the night, and then maybe take it easy again on Wednesday, once again notwithstanding cleaning that needs to be done then, or it being busy. The only downside is that as a result of getting so much done yesterday, I went to 7-11 on the way home, which is... okay, because thus far today, I've had only two small bottles of apple juice. I do want to stop at 7-11 again on the way to work, because I noticed something there last night that I'd like to get as a treat for Manoah and I, but apart from that, my supper will be Kraft Dinner, and maybe a bagel / English muffin or two. On that note though, I should get ready to leave right now, both so I have enough time to go to 7-11, and so I can deposit this check that came in the mail last week. It's been nice and warm and windy all afternoon, so I'm hoping for rain as well, but that would be better later. I'd like to walk home to a night off in those conditions~

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