Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

More Cleaning is Complete

I think I can actually justify having not written an entry yesterday. I started cleaning / organizing the spare room at ~6pm, and didn't finish until a couple hours after midnight, so I was busy, and it's pretty much all done as well. Should I not want to do anything else on Thursday, I'd like to go through my dresser to separate what I want to keep and what can be thrown out, but that shouldn't take anywhere near six hours. Still though, the bed's all the way up against the wall, and there was just enough space underneath of it for me to slide all the faux fur throws and rugs I have (they're in garbage bags to protect them from dust), I moved the dresser over to the other side of the room, lined all three chairs up next to each other, and rolled / elastic-ed together no fewer than twenty-one additional blankets / rugs, as well as a sleeping bag. I'm quite pleased with the result too - enough that I've had both Mom and Dad take a look at it - and to know that I didn't just spend my day off being lazy is also rewarding. Even today, I devoted a couple hours to organizing / re-tagging some more music I want to put on my PSP, and went out grocery shopping with Mom, instead of sleeping in or playing Super Mario World hacks or whatever else. I do work later though, so this different state of mind I'm in right now might end up being cancelled out by that. Oh well.

In slightly unrelated news, I spent ~$30 today. At least $15 went to pay for a PS Vita charging cradle, and the remainder went toward more cereal, and another extension cord from Walmart. Being able to do that is rather nice - in spite of my current situation with money, I'm not so poor that I can't afford things that have a proper purpose. The same is true of going to 7-11 last night as well. I wasn't planning to at all at first, but once it became clear that I was going to finish work on the spare room within the night, I decided that I would go out there as a reward. I had a shower first, of course, and even after being done with the spare room, there were still several things to do in my room (take garbage and recyclables downstairs, generally tidy up, etc.), but then went for snacks, and they were good. If I can think of something similar to do tomorrow (tend to my dresser, vacuum the floor in my room, and wash the dishes, perhaps), I'll go to the one I didn't go to last night then. Otherwise, I have one box of Kraft Dinner left, and then it's just a few English muffins and bagels, followed by all of those waffles. I did not purchase any food today (aside from cereal), and there's no need for as long as I have so much left. Waffles will probably become tiresome in short order, but that's what cereal can help with.

Continuing along with things to come, I need to remember that I start an hour early for my close on Friday. When I went in on Monday night, James was instantly after me, wanting to know if I'd start at 7 instead of 8, since he had plans, and as I didn't and still don't have any for that time, I said yes. One more hour may not be very much more money, but I was... quite miffed over Cheryl being given the opportunity to start at 5 on Saturday last weekend. It makes sense now, because she's the one they normally go to when somebody calls in sick, or when they need another person, but at the time, I was annoyed. That's for Friday though, and since she also closes tonight, I intend to tell Laura that I'd prefer to be on drive through then, so I don't end up with three days of the same thing twice in a row. Oh, and I completed tonight's extra cleaning on Monday, so it will be interesting to see what else needs to be done. Maybe nothing at all, but that would require it to be really busy. Even that would be good though, because among other new music on my PSP now, I really like Owl City's "The Midsummer Station" ("Dementia" in particular), which I could listen to while washing dishes.

Other things aside, I obviously need to get ready to go now. Not sure what there will be to do when I get home, but at very least, there are some converted episodes of Hotel Impossible to deal with. After that, we'll just have to see~

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