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Karadur Inacu 

Wouldn't That Be Nice?

I just had what could be considered another nice dream, even though it started out somewhat strangely, as usual. I was out at Zellers, but the layout was entirely different. Instead of extending over to the left from the doors, it went straight back, much like the Zellers (formerly in) Cloverdale Mall, which might be where I got it from. The first thing I noticed upon entering was that they were already selling Christmas stuff - a bunch of wrapping paper and candy canes, at least - but as I was instead interested in seeing what they had left over from Halloween, I started to walk around. In fact, I walked around the whole store, but couldn't find anything not Christmas-related.

Aside from wrapping paper and candy canes, they had a bunch of red and green robes, but absolutely nothing else, so when I came out the other side (I walked around in more or less an inverted U), I was ready to leave. I noticed a couple other people walking away, who I presumed were leaving too, so I followed them, but after a short time noticed they were headed toward another door, perpendicular to the proper entrance / exit. I glanced back nervously a couple times, but then noticed the door we were headed toward had an exit sign up above it, so I continued walking. While going through that hallway, I noticed a couple stairways to my left, both seemingly leading up to a second floor of the store, but I couldn't think of what could be up there, thus making them seem kind of strange. Closer and closer we got to the door though, and upon finally reaching it and stepping outside, I found that it was snowing, quite quickly, but also fairly light. It was also nighttime, which I suppose is remarkable. I had no other way to get home though, so I started walking, and found that I was making quite an impressive pace at first. Unfortunately, that lasted only about three quarters of the way down the street, by which point I was technically walking in a different direction, and the wind was coming at me strongly enough to prevent me from making any progress. I actually had to grab onto things next to me - trees, parking sign posts, etc. - to pull myself further and further up the street. I did eventually make it, but then right about where that cleaning place is now, I got sidetracked. For whatever reason, a computer which I felt was mine was in there, so I went in, and started to write an entry for here about what had gone on. I wanted to make it quick though, because suddenly, instead of walking on my own, there was a group of other people with me, and I was holding them up. Eventually, the leader of the group made a comment that they'd be on their way as soon as I was ready, and I didn't want to detain them longer, so I went to post what I had written as a private entry, to be finished when I got home. Instead of the standard security dropdown list, however, there was one to select the timing of the entry - past-due and overdue are the only options I can remember seeing. I think I chose overdue, because it seemed best at the time, and then we were off again, but suddenly, it was daytime, and past that, I can't say anything else, because I woke up. That would be nice though, and right off, I don't mean Zellers only selling Christmas stuff. Rather, the idea of one or more places being open late / 24 hours again, and being able to walk home from them in the snow. Alas, it is only September, and while it may suddenly be alot cooler out there, snow is probably still somewhat far off.

Dreams aside now, I did it again. Missed writing an entry yesterday, and why? I could say the same thing as last week - that I ate too much, and fell asleep / didn't want to get up after having a nap - but what would be a lie. What actually happened is that I just didn't get to it, and even if I had, there wouldn't have been a whole lot to say. I went to work to see Mary yesterday, because she needed to speak to everybody concerning an impending change of ownership, and I also took the opportunity to ask about the current situation with closers as it may or may not affect my request for time off in November. Regarding the former, it was nothing too spectacular. I had to sign a few papers, and have it explained that we'll all keep our job, as well as that Mike will be on as the only district manager now, and that the change will officially be made next Wednesday. As for having time off, she said it won't be a problem, and that she'll put two managers on a close if necessary, which makes me feel kind of selfish. If she's alright with it, then I shouldn't worry, yes, but if and when there's enough time for it in the future, I want to talk to her about having time off. I already know we're technically allowed a maximum of two weeks, but if she's willing to give me more than that (such as has been the case this year), what would be a reasonable limit? I could ask as early as tonight, since I start at 7, but then again, it'd be better to wait until Monday.

As for the rest of the night, I mostly just worked on Mario's Picross 2 some more, and I think I've finally found the same way to approach it as I had with Pic Pic. In order for it to not take forever, I need to work at it more than completing a couple puzzles and doing something else. If I work on it from when I finish this until I leave for work tonight, I should be able to finish stage 9 of Mario Mode, leaving only one more there, and Wario Mode to follow. I'd also like to get in some time on Lumines though. Now that there's a new firmware update out (1.81) which I don't want to upgrade to, I can only make do with what I have. Right now, that's an endless game in playlist mode in Lumines, which has been going on and off since yesterday afternoon, when I acidentally closed the first one while trying to wipe the screen off. My score is nearly 400,000, and while the three tracks I have selected (Yesterday When I Was Mad, Good Girl, and Bang Bang Bang) may get tiresome after a while, playing for only a bit at a time seems to work well enough. The one thing I wish I'd done before 1.81 was pushed out is downloaded the LiveTweet application, because it looks like that's the only current way to have a game and the browser running at the same time. It's not something I can't live with, but would've been nice to have all the same. On that note though, this entry is done here, so I can move on to other things. Picross, obviously, but I also have an email from Dan regarding one I sent him last night about what Mary said, which will probably take me a little while to get to. And garbage to take downstairs as well. Time to get started~

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