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I Need to Learn to Read

I was looking over the site I linked to a couple entries back (about that giant snow leopard tail), and decided to read the paragraph at the top. What does it say?

Just e-mail me if you want to buy anything listed here...

Yeah :3

So emailing the guy is fine. Having the money is fine. Getting the money there is another story entirely. Getting a Money Order seems to be the most feasible thing at the moment, but that introduces a couple more questions, such as "How do I get one of those?" and "Where do I send it?" :\

I suppose the best I can do for now is send an email to him, so I might as well do that, then I'm heading to bed~


Money orders are cheapest at the post office or postal outlets at Shoppers. They're oly $3.95 on top of your amount.
Good to know. Thanks :3 Before now I had just planned on getting one from the bank :s

I'm looking at ~$56 without that, so I suppose $60 in all is alright :p