Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Something Needs to Change

Could it be as simple as sticking up for myself though? I'm getting thoroughly tired of working weekends with Laura and Cheryl. I did tell Laura that I'd prefer not to be on line for a change back on Wednesday night, but she said that she wants to keep me there, because I'm faster than Cheryl. Fine, and I should consider that a compliment, but I get annoyed when she stays at the back washing dishes while there are a bunch of orders, and for some reason helps Cheryl in drive through at others. I was almost ready to say as much last night as well, but remembered that I can't. Like it or not, she's the shift manager, meaning she has complete control over who does what. In spite of that though, I am not doing the same thing next weekend. To hell with it. I don't expect to be allowed to go out for a break every time they do, but think it would be nice if I could get off line for 10 or 20 minutes once every couple hours to have a drink of water, and take care of any work that I wasn't able to get to before. The best part last night was that right at the beginning, I asked her if we'd be doing things the same way we did them last weekend - with her taking care of hot food at the end of the night, while I dealt with the cold stuff, and cleaned the grill. She said that would be fine, so while I bagged a bunch of pans for her to put the hot food in at ~1:00, she didn't use them. Then a bunch of customers came in, and at the end of that rush, Cheryl said something like "This still isn't done? What are you doing?" That right there was more than I had patience for. I looked right at her, and said "Excuse me? Laura and I agreed earlier tonight that we'd be doing the same thing as last week...", adding "...end" after a moment of thought. Cheryl did not respond, but Laura freaked right out, saying "Well if I'd known that, I would've done it three hours ago!" She bagged all the food in a huff, then they both went out for a cigarette, and I started getting all pissed off at everything, which carried through until I was over halfway home. Mind you, it was a benefit, because being angry led to moving really quickly, and taking care of nearly everything by myself, but that doesn't change being infuriated. These are the kinds of things that will see me accused of not being a team player again, but I fail to see how I can be that when I'm seemingly expected to do all the line-based work. I'm almost positive they knew something was going on, but so be it. I have a prediction to make as well: I'll be on drive through tonight, and even if it is busy, neither of them will lift a finger to help with the dishes. Maybe I should look on the bright side though. If there are a bunch of dishes at the end of the night, I'll have the perfect reason to go get my PSP and earphones out.

In less-angry news, I had another interesting dream last night. The case for my Vita had arrived, but instead of being the same as the one pictured in the auction, the inside had a hard foam form in which to set the console, and the outside was clear (even though it was purple when I first opened the pacakge), much like the first hard case I bought for my PSP. For some reason that I can't explain, I first tried putting my PSP into it, but it wouldn't fit, and then the case itself suddenly turned into a purple-colored Vita, with approximately the same design as the case has. I turned it on, and went through the menu, which looked like a circular version of the PSP's XMB, and found several interesting options for homebrew applications. The first ones I noticed were about twelve choices to run different versions of Windows, and some for emulators and such after that, but none of them worked, because I had to download the required files. Past that, I don't remember much, but it was interesting. I would like very much to have a Vita similar to the one I had in that dream, but perhaps the case will suffice. I do need to find some wallpapers for it as well though. First step to that is determining the screen's resolution, but a quick search gives 960×544. Seems a bit big, considering I'm pretty sure the PSP's is 480×272, but I'll find out later, sometime. What matters more right now is receiving a response from Dan to the reply I sent to him earlier this afternoon. Money isn't such a concern anymore, because I'll find some way to make that work, but what is currently of interest is what we'll do about the zoo. I currently have a new idea in mind for going there, which goes something like this: I won't buy any food there at all. Instead, I'll bring a bottle of water, and several (three or four) granola bars. The reasoning behind it is that I know I can go for the time we're there without eating anything. I went for ~12 hours yesterday on only two small bottles of orange juice, so five to six hours walking around the zoo shouldn't be too much more strenuous. Should we hike back to the bus stop up the street from the campground we went to before though, I will want something in my stomach, which is where the granola bars would come in, and water could be consumed as needed. After that, assuming we don't get back to the apartment until late, I could justify ordering pizza for supper, on the back of both not having eaten much throughout the rest of the day, and having gone for a 2~3 hour hike, thus providing sufficient exercise. I like that idea, and unless something happens between now and then to change it, it is what I'll go with. I can't expect Dan to do the same, however. I'm all for stopping at one of the restaurants in the zoo if he's hungry, and again at that certain McDonalds at the end of the hike, but we'd need to work past that awkward feeling of me effectively waiting for him. I could bring my PSP though. That would leave me with more than enough to keep occupied.

I believe that's all for today though. As always, there are other things I could say, but it's after 6 now, so I'd rather leave those for another time. As it is, I should have just long enough to get ready for another fun night. At least it's nicer out today~

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