Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This All Seems Familiar

I was up until almost 8:00 this morning working on (Mario's) Picross 2. Until I found that there was an eleventh, final puzzle in stage 10, I thought that if I just set going to bed aside for the moment, I could finish it all up, and either take a break today, or start Wario Mode, which reminds me all too much of working on Pic Pic. Staying up exceedingly early to get as much done as possible before the end of the night, and spending inordinately long stretches of time on just one or two puzzles, but it's kind of a nice feeling. I did sleep until 3 today, but will have more time than the past couple nights upon getting home from work to get a proper start into Wario Mode, which is fine, as far as I'm concerned. I have more than enough to watch, more than enough to snack on if I get hungry, and not much better to do just yet, as the end of the month isn't until next week. That is somewhat far away though, because since I last made backups of everything (now including my projects folder), I've easily completed at least half the total work I've done with this game. Maybe I should preempt myself and leave what's done now uploading to my Mediafire account while I go to work. I can still update it again next week, but that way, it would be somewhat safer, and could also be a start into uploading several new albums I downloaded from Lapfox Trax last week or so. Whatever the case, I find that I currently have more than enough to keep me busy again. Fine timing, considering it will be October as of next Monday, and I'll have to email Michele asking if and when she wants me to start coming back.

That said, I have something of a completely different nature, and of pretty significant interest to write about. When I woke up yesterday, I found an envelope outside my door. Somebody had written my name on it, so I assumed it was partial repayment for the $500 Manoah borrowed from me, but it was not. Inside the envelope was / is a folded piece of paper. One side is blank, but on the other, there's a cat face drawn in pencil. If I unfold the paper, the same is roughly true - one side is blank, and there's something on the other side, but what's on the other side there is more than just a face. Instead, I find the following note: "Hello fellow furry! We have noticed you around town and we would like to be friends! If you have SecondLife please add: PrEtTyLiLKiTtY. Hope you like your sketch. Your friend [...]". The [...] is a signature, which appears to read "Totts", followed by a heart and another little scribble. There is a sketch attached too, of a cat (I'm not sure if it's meant to be a snow leopard, but it doesn't appear to be, apart from the tail) with its paws wrapped around a ball of yarn, with "Mew?", and a heart next to it. Interesting, yes? This is the first time I can think of that anything like this has happened, and I freely admit that until I read the bit about Second Life (as stated, I received it yesterday (Dad said a "young man" dropped it off on Friday night), but didn't actually read it until an hour or so after I woke up today), I was concerned. I do like the idea of getting out there a bit more and trying to have more friends, but don't know what it would be like to start doing things with people in this city again. I also like being the sort of person that people recognize and (apparently) talk about, but whom nobody really knows - that mystique, if you will - and I don't think I can have both. Also, up until I read the whole note, I thought it was just one person writing to me, but this "we" carries with it a strong feeling of "Come be part of our group". I still don't think I fit in with the furry fandom anymore, but instead of saying no for the sake of saying no, I've changed my mind to saying that if I am, it's unofficial, yet they have made the (reasonable) assumption that because I look like I fit into that group, I must without question. Overall, if they offer me some way of contacting them other than Second Life (email, preferably), I'll probably do that. I'd be fine with getting to know them enough to go out and do things / hang out from time to time, but would ask to be left to do my own thing the rest of the time. Should I remember, I'll use Dad's scanner when I get home in order to have a digital copy of that note, as I might as well show the sketch too.

Unexpected notes aside, I should also say that work last night went pretty well. I managed to get the dishes caught up by ~1, and thus was able to scrub the floor at the back, giving me a head start to extra cleaning for the rest of the week. Tonight, I can clean the grease trap, and see what else needs to be done / what else I have time for afterward, and tomorrow, when Mary closes, sweep and scrub the floor under the freezer, and leave the nozzles from the pop station in drive through soaking in hot water overnight. Finally, on Wednesday, since everything else will have already been done, I can once again work on rotating stock, both in the walk-in and out. I really like being ahead like that, but having said that, last night carried a few frustrations as well. For one, Cheryl was left to take care of prep at the beginning of the night, so why couldn't I do the same on Friday? Is it because I'm somehow faster than both she and Laura at making food, or is it because Laura didn't want to be stuck in my position for the whole night? I would bring that up tonight, but don't like the thought of it all the same, because she might say "Yeah, both Cheryl and I noticed you were pissed off", and as described yesterday, I don't see that I have any right to complain about a manager's decision. Should I wait until tomorrow and ask Mary instead, or could that be construed as insubordination against Laura, and get me in more hot water? All I want is to know that, say, next weekend, I can be left in charge of prep / cleaning the floors / helping with dishes, in exchange for being on line on my own for one or two weekends after that, without complaint. We'll see, I suppose, but now I have a new, albeit significant dilemna. I could leave for work now, and go to Food Basics first, because they have a deal on for English muffins and crumpets. Four six-packs for $5 (which makes it 24 for $5) is a good deal. The other option is that I wait here for this episode of Restaurant Impossible to finish downloading, so I can run it through MP4Cam2AVI, and both leave it encoding to an XviD / MP3 AVI, and find / start downloading the next episode just before I leave. I suppose that because I work tomorrow, I'll wait for the download to finish tonight. More food can wait another 24 hours~

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