Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Always at the Last Minute

Apparently I do have poor time management skills. Of all the other things I've done this afternoon, I've somehow managed to not be able to write anything in here, and now, on the one night that I want to leave for work early, I cannot. Maybe it will still work out though, because I ended up just asking for a ride yesterday, so I could go get English muffins before they were all gone. They nearly were in spite of that, and I sadly was unable to get any crumpets, but I have another 24 now, and even though I've already taken care of what I would have had to leave for work early tonight to go get, I have something else to tend to now. I learned yesterday that due to the change in ownership, Mary absolutely has to work the next couple days, and thus can't close, so instead, I'm closing with Manoah. Bearing that in mind, last time the two of us closed together, I told him that if I knew when we closed together again, I'd check at 7-11 for a couple of the chocolate bars he was talking about again, which I intend to do tonight. If they don't have them... we'll see. I'm thinking that because of how cool it's been at night recently, it would be nice to go to Tim Hortons for an apple cider in addition to snacks from 7-11, and if I do that, I'll ask if he wants something. Also, much to (presumably only) Laura's dismay, Tom is closing this weekend, even though he was previously said to be permanently off closes. Cheryl apparently needed to switch shifts with him due to plans she had, but as far as I'm concerned, that's fine. It gives me one more reason to ask Laura if I can be on line one night, and off the other. As to the other things I said about work yesterday (extra cleaning, mostly), it is indeed all done. There's still one thing I need to do after we close tonight, but apart from that, everything is caught up, so maybe I'll try to rotate stock tonight instead, and then really not have anything to do on Wednesday. Other than that, though, there still are a couple things I want to mention, but I don't have enough time to write complete paragraphs, so I'll use a list instead:

a] Of the two things I needed to take care of outside of work today, the important one has been dealt with: obtaining and giving direct deposit information for my checking account to Mary. I presume it's something to do with everything officially going through on Wednesday, as she needs that information from everyone by tomorrow, but where things like that are concerned, I prefer not to waste any time. Also, in case I forgot to mention it before, something will be different about our pay next week. All the vacation pay we've accumulated since it was last paid out (July, I think) will be paid next week, meaning I'll get even more. As it happens, next Thursday won't come until October, meaning a fair portion of what I make will go to Mom and Dad, but that little bit extra will be one step closer to being where I want to be by the time November comes.

b] I feel like I have almost too much to do now. Last night, I came home from work, did things on my laptop for about an hour, and then just closed it, followed by closing my eyes and laying back in bed for a good ten minutes, thinking about how I didn't know what to do, and really didn't want to do anything that I could busy myself with. Following that, I got ready to go to sleep, and that was it for the rest of the night. I don't feel exactly the same today / this afternoon, mind you, but there's still an awful lot to keep on top of. Picross, downloading episodes of Restaurant Impossible (fortunately, I have only to get the two special episodes of the 4th season now), eventually allowing Windows Updates its requested restart, ever since it asked a couple days ago, and oh, finding time to play Darksiders II and Black Mesa, since I just realized they'd been released yesterday / today. I still plan to go to 7-11 on the way home too. With luck, by the end of tonight, downloading TV show episodes and restarting Windows will have been taken care of. On the other hand, I could go to bed early again. I'd still have all of tomorrow to do things with.

Only two items? I suppose so, considering they still came out as paragraphs. Oh, well, I actually could write about something that happened shortly after I walked out of Food Basics last night. Mom saw all the English muffins I was carrying, and asked "Are those all for you?" I looked at her, thought a moment, and said "As opposed to?" She continued, saying that she thought I might have bought them for supper tomorrow (tonight), which is utterly confusing, as that could never have been the case. First, I didn't ask what we were having for supper tonight at any point yesterday afternoon, nor did she mention that we'd be having something with English muffins. Second, when was the last time I did something like that? If it wasn't unusual for me to buy stuff for everybody for supper, then maybe she'd have reason to ask, but I typically only buy meals for myself. Strange. At any rate though, it's time I left for work, but instead of saying "here's hoping for a good last night before Tuesday off", here's hoping 7-11 has those chocolate bars. Manoah might expect them, but they'd still be a nice treat to have at the end of the night~

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