Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Don't Like People

Some people, to be fair about it, but the statement still stands. I'm not feeling as conflicted today as I was last night, but I continue to feel rather annoyed at what happened. What was it, you may ask? It goes like this: Manoah and I walked home from work, as expected, and we stopped here for a few minutes, so I could show him that note that was dropped off back on Friday. He commented that the sketch looked nice, and that the handwriting looked like a woman's, and then as we continued on to 7-11, started going off about how it might be that person who was at work so long ago on one of my days off looking for me. Upon making it there, we parted ways, and I went in to get some snacks. After that, I went just over to Tim Hortons as well for an apple cider, then started to walk back home. I was just up walking by 7-11's parking lot when off to my right, somebody yelled "Hey Mr. snow leopard. C'mere! Can I borrow your tail for the night? I promise I'll drop it off at your work tomorrow". I should've just kept walking, but she continued to tell me to "c'mere" and such, so I did, and certain things happened. She eventually had my ears on top of her head, because I couldn't think of any way to say "No", and would've had my tail too, were it not for my insistence that my pants would fall down, and somewhat drunkenly (she did kind of smell of alcohol) told me to follow her into 7-11 so her boyfriend could see. I did, and he offered no reaction whatsoever, while she told me to try to take them (my ears) back, and darted back and away, meowing as a tried to do so. Eventually she gave them back, I awkwardly said "I'm going home", and finally walked out the door, hearing her say to the guy behind the counter inside "How about that? We should get a discount! Come on! Employee discount!" As I walked away, I thought to myself that it would be absolutely amazing if he told her "How about you just leave this store, for harassing one of my customers?", but it probably wouldn't happen. I genuinely didn't feel comfortable until I got back home after that, and still felt unsettled for most of the night thereafter.

I need to become more comfortable with just saying "No". In that case, she very well could've been drunk, but even if she wasn't, it's not like it's common (or would be accepted) for people to say (for example) "Hey, I really like your shirt. Can I borrow it for the night?" Were I more assertive, I'd answer with "No. I don't know who you are, and this is my shirt. Get your own." Apply it to what I do, however, and, well, I still need to work on being more assertive one way or the other. If I see that particular woman again, I will try to just keep walking first, and if that isn't an option, just respond with a simple "No". It's just like what happened when I ran into that other random person on the way to London when I was going there for the afternoon the first time. She asked for some reason if she could try my ears on. I said no then, and pushed worrying about what she might think of me out of my mind, because I had better things to do that day. Unfortunately, on the back of that note being a topic of some discussion with Manoah, those things combined became a bit too much to deal with. I still had a decent night at home, but find myself wishing more than normal now that people would just leave me alone. I realize that isn't going to happen based on my appearance, but those sorts of things haven't happened often enough yet to really make me consider adopting a different attitude or such.

At any rate, all I can really think about right now is that I need to have a shower, so I'm going to do that. I probably won't be clean for very long, because I want to get supper from Little Caesars tonight (italian cheese bread, of course), but there's enough time right now (Mom wants to leave at 9:15), and all I'd be doing otherwise is waiting for torrents to download. They should still be done by the end of the night though~

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