Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Mystery Solved

An unusual, constant noise started outside about ten minutes ago. I shrugged it off at first, figuring it was nothing of consequence, but then my mind started to come up with faintly plausible (just enough that it could be that) explanations for what it could be, and I had to know for sure, for if it was one of the things I was thinking of, I had to go put a stop to it. At first, I nearly got my head stuck between my top bunk and window sill trying to have a look out the window, and I couldn't see much anyway. That wasn't enough though, because I still couldn't see if there was anything up against the house, so I went into the spare room to try and get a better look. Pretty much the same story there, but for some reason, I laid down on the bed for a couple minutes, thinking about how much more open and colder that room was, and remembering showing it to Mom the night after I organized it. Wanting to ascertain the source of the noise quickly bubbled back to the surface, however, and I decided enough was enough. I got properly dressed, and went outside to have a better look. I couldn't see anything from the porch, so I walked 'round to the side of the house, and could only see a couple lights on in the house next door, making me think that somebody was trying to run up their water bill. I still couldn't say for sure though, so I tried getting a look at what was on the other side of the fence, but couldn't, until I noticed a garbage pail turned top-down next to it. I climbed up on top, looked over, and discovered... a sprinkler. Yes. And it wasn't moving either, which explains the steadiness of the noise. I could only guess as to why the fence needs to be watered, but I have the answer, so now I can move on, without worry that it might be something important.

What else does that leave for tonight though? I didn't write anything yesterday, so surely there must be some stuff to talk about, right? How about that I spent a fair bit of change on a pair of the cat ears Xion showed me when I was in Toronto before. They actually change positions according to your mood (alert would see them pointing straight up, whereas angry or upset would see them flat, for example) via little attachments that "read" your brainwaves, and presumably detect movements in your actual ears. I'd almost forgotten about them at first, but then earlier today, on an unrelated site, saw a page about the same company responsible for the ears having made a tail based on the same technology, and figured I'd have a look on that site beginning in "e". As far as I can tell, the tail is still in development, but the ears aren't, and to make it better (for me), there are now alternate "skins" available to use apart from the standard ears. One pair comes with brown fur, and another with brown, while the third is... snow leopard-like, which pretty much sealed it. I do find that interesting though. Out of four colors total (the ears by default come in white), three are solid, and the other is made to look like a snow leopard's ears. I may not have fully grasped the concept (assuming it's true), but it's like rarity in the wild is inversely proportional to popularity online. In real life, the animals are quite rare / endangered. Online, they're one of the more popular species, which used to and still kind of does piss me off to no end. I don't intend to get into that right now though, so instead, I'll say that I paid for them from my checking account. To be technical, I transferred money from my savings first, but transferred it right back after deciding that I did have enough non-savings money to buy them, and if I wanted them that badly, I should not just take the easy way out. As for the tail, I most definitely plan to get that too, on the one condition that tails of varying lengths are made. The one I saw earlier today was attractive, but still pretty short.

In other news, I did not clean out my dresser today, but instead, I did clean out my closet some more. Almost all the boxes I was keeping from various game consoles and such else? Gone. Four DS Lite boxes, two PSP boxes, two digital camera boxes, the box for our Wii, N64, PS2, and Dreamcast, and boxes that various accessories came in, such as the cradle for my PS Vita (speaking of which, I was highly dismayed to find that the score can go above one million today). All that's left on the top shelf now are laptops, and three additional boxes containing items which cannot be named. They were actually quite fun to go through, and I was surprised to find two more DS Lite AC adapters, several styluses (and / or styli), and most significantly, one tiny little case which I would very much like to find more of. It was in the box for my original PSP - specifically, in the container for the 1GB memory card that came with it - and I wish I could find more (online, obviously), because PS Vita game cards fit perfectly in them. Unfortunately, the only cases I can find on eBay are hard, and I think the only way I could get any more specifically like the one I found would be to buy an unopened PSP1000, or an unopened 1GB Sony memory card, both of which would be extremely expensive, and neither of which would guarantee getting another case. I will just make do though. The case I have for the console now comes with plenty of space to store game cards, so long as care is taken when opening it.

Apart from that though, I think I might go back to Picross 2 now. I could write about how Naomi ended up being responsible for the dishes tonight, even though I'm supposed to wash them on Thursday, and I could also lament about how I bought too much food from Dollarama, but I will save that, and just face the consequences. English muffins and waffles for the next four days sounds fair enough~

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