Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'm Fine With Waiting

Rather unsurprisingly, Michele couldn't say whether or not she'll need me back just yet, and as such, wants me to wait until November, then email her again. Fine by me, considering that this week, I'll very likely be using most of tomorrow to work on backups and related things, will be going grocery shopping on Wednesday, and will at least be going out to the mall with Mom on Thursday, because she mentioned that there are some pajamas there which she'd really like to get for Christmas. It really is an odd feeling - like the past weekend never happened, and I'm only a single shift away from getting a couple days off again. Maybe that's what happens when one is under stress, but I suppose I'll find out for sure at work tonight. Simply put, I really need a break from closing with Laura. We used to get on fine, but for the past three days, she's been on the phone having a personal conversation with somebody for a good third of the night. Tryphena commented on it to me yesterday, mentioning that she used her phone to tell Manoah what was going on, and he was pretty livid about it. I told her that if it kept up, I was going to say something, and very, very nearly did, but ultimately chickened out, which had me right frustrated. I get that it's my nature to be non-confrontational, but if I know what somebody is doing is wrong, why can't I just speak up and not worry about them yelling back at me? I can fantasize about it to no end - one of the things I was thinking about doing last night was taking the phone from her, putting it up to my ear, asking "Who's this please?", and telling them that Laura was at work, and would call them back when she got home, but I couldn't. Just like I was so sure before about keeping a record of who was coming in (at work) when they weren't scheduled to work, and talking to Melissa about it after a month or so. I never did that either, because I couldn't see it through to the end. With any luck, closing with James tonight (he was promoted again) will be enough of a change to put me in a decent mood about work again before having tomorrow off.

That said, backups are my other immediate concern. I should've been mostly finished with them last night, but there's one big problem with that external hard drive: the "Misc" folder. I've probably mentioned it in here before, but there are bits and pieces of nearly everything in there. I tried to sort through most of it last night, and succeeded in moving nearly everything to subfolders, but what I really need to do is not organize, but clean out. Maybe I'll just work on that for the rest of the afternoon. I could write about the current state of things mentioned yesterday, but apart from saying that I haven't left any note(s) for Mary yet, I don't want to. One other thing worth mentioning is that I cancelled my preorder of Paper Mario: Sticker Star with Future Shop. I'll check at EB Games when we go grocery shopping on Wednesday as to whether or not they have the proper release date, and provided they do, I'll go with them again. If they don't, I suppose I'll keep an eye on both pages, and hope one shows a release date in November sooner or later. On that note though, back to cleaning out / organizing that folder I go. It should keep me busy until later~

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