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Thanksgiving is Next Week?

When did that happen? I knew in the back of my mind that it was in October sometime, but I didn't think it was coming up just after this weekend. I wonder what we'll be doing... Suppose we'll have a Thanksgiving dinner just as a family in the living room again, or will other people be invited over, as has happened some years before? Will we even be doing anything at all? Thus far, nobody has said anything to me about it (normally they ask ahead of time if I have to work), and the fridge is in pretty much the same state it's been in for the past couple weeks - fairly empty, with no sign of Thanksgiving-related things - but we do go grocery shopping tomorrow, so if nothing else, I will find out. Then work one night, have another day off, go back to closing for the weekend, and have a bit of a rushed afternoon on Monday, on the assumption that we'll be having a dinner before I leave for work. Christmas will be upon us soon enough as well, and I'll probably end up writing a similar entry again about how it just snuck up. Speaking of Christmas though, an idea for something to get for Naomi came to mind earlier tonight. She's having more problems with her laptop - this time, whenever she tries to sync files to her iPod with iTunes, it freezes, and the process can't be ended for a good five minutes - so I thought about maybe looking around for a used PSP slim for her. If Mom is willing, we could split the cost, and I could buy her a 32GB memory card, and make another part of that gift converting / tagging / preparing all of her music to be put on there. I'll suggest it tomorrow, if I remember, because this year, I'm not above cooperating with another person to buy something slightly more expensive. I do think it would work though. That wouldn't require any special software, and it would hopefully not be too difficult to teach her the requirements and restrictions of that device. That still doesn't say much for Trish, Ericka, Mom, and Dad, but at least it's a slight step up from before.

Christmas gift ideas aside though, what I was waiting for earlier is all complete. 29 albums of music by David Lanz were / are all downloaded, extracted, and re-tagged, ready to be put on my music memory stick. Unfortunately, I still have about two times as much to go through. Side projects by Adam Young / Owl City, and albums by Relient K and Newsboys (technically "religious" music, but it sounds decent). They're all downloaded, but unless I want to keep myself up to ~11am, there's no way I'll get to them right now. It still is nice only needing to go through all that music, instead of still needing to wait for things to download. It will be something to work on after the dishes are done on Thursday afternoon, and who knows? By the time I go to bed then, backups could finally be all finished.

Suppose that's enough other stuff now? There are a couple distinctly more interesting things on my mind tonight, which are the other reason I'm still up right now, instead of in bed waiting to fall asleep, and they are as follows. I read Dan's most recent reply in our email conversation earlier tonight, and although I saw a couple things I wanted to respond to along the way, it wasn't until the end that I absolutely just could not wait, and opened Instantbird. What did he say that had me so frantic? "Oh. And I found a snow cheetah from Chatham yesterday and told him about you and gave him your lj address. I hope you don't mind that." Guess what my mind jumped to right away? That "snow cheetah" was fundamentally the same thing as "snow leopard", which Wikipedia confirmed, and I thought was the case, right up until he gave me a link to the person's Furaffinity profile, and I was able to see who they were. Apparently this "snow cheetah" thing is just that - a white cheetah, with black markings. According to their profile, they're a she, not a he as well, and are 21 years old. Unfortunately, he just met said person yesterday, and thus couldn't say much else about them, but I am curious as to who that is. Probably nobody I've ever met (or know about), but it's really interesting at the same time. Along the same lines, I showed him that note I mentioned in here before (the inside of which can finally be seen here), and he was able to determine that they go by the name "Totts Broadfoot" on Second Life. Doesn't help me much, but having a name to go on is still something more. As for the rest of our conversation, I could post the chat log in here, but really don't want to, because it just doesn't seem worthwhile, and I can easily mention the interesting bits in here. For one, I told him what I was thinking about cutting out if I do go there in November, in order to save money. One thing was baking / buying snacks for the furmeet, because that could easily save me up to $100, depending on how much I want to provide. His response? "I have had people asking about the cookies again though.", and "So... If you don't mind baking them, I could buy anything you need to make them." After some thought, I realized that if I can get the $10 Xion owes me at the same time, Dan can put the $40 he owes me toward baking supplies, and that'll be $50 off my expenses right there, but we'd have to see about that then. Secondly, I said that as long as we could both afford it, I would like to go to Golden Griddle for their buffet again, preferably on the Sunday following the furmeet, since it would be much easier to ask people if they want to come then. To that, he said "Oh... Yeah, we could do that.", and "Would be a really good after the party event.", so hopefully that comes together. I would also still want to go for poutine, to Demetri's, and order pizza if we hiked home from the zoo, but the brunch was something I would enjoy doing again as well. Finally, right at the end of the conversation, he said he was going to bed, so I said "Have a good sleep, and once again, thanks for listening / talking~". His responses to that were "You're welcome. I like talking to you." and "Will be nice if you visit again. :3", followed by another "You're welcome", after I said "I hope to, and thanks :3" (the only smiley I used during the entire conversation). Neat, no? I think it is. One of my other problems before is that it felt like I was the only one pushing to go there again, and was thus using him to get away, but then he says something like that, and proves me wrong.

On that note though, it is definitely time for bed, and since there's a chance that the person mentioned above is reading this, hello. I hope you enjoy reading large blocks of text. Now I can't think of any way to end this...

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