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Karadur Inacu 

Is This Enough Music?

I'm inclined to think that it is, because I couldn't even upload the picture to my Photobucket account. Well, I could, but it was resized, presumably due to the near 10,000 pixel height. At any rate, I think I've finished (for now) retagging music, and it's all been copied to the two immediately accessible places. It seemed like something worth showing off too, so here. There's an amazing amount of stuff, and it really fascinates me how all of that, plus a couple hundred megabytes in other files can fit on two cards that are smaller than one of the keys on this keyboard. Mind you, that list could be a bit shorter if I actually took the time to go through and look for albums that could be deleted (due to not listening to them (possibly ever), but I don't have enough time for that tonight. In fact, I shouldn't even be writing this, but I've told myself that if I don't feel like writing an entry right now, I really won't feel like writing one tomorrow, and I don't want to start missing days in October already, so I might as well take care of this now.

What's the matter though? Yesterday night at this time, I was in a pretty good, if tired mood, and now I feel like I want to just run away and hide again. The best I've come up with so far is that I'm not ready for the several new things that have been brought to my attention recently - somebody who apparently lives in this city being made aware of my LiveJournal (Dan confirmed that he didn't tell them who I was, so much as said "I know a snow leopard", and provided them with my username here), somebody at Future Shop earlier today randomly talking to me for a moment (more on that after this paragraph), back and forth indecision about going away in November, and... it's just all piling up. Much as I'd like to meet the person Dan told me about yesterday, I want more to establish a crowbar separation (possibly subtle reference...) until I can figure out a way to tell myself that they don't pose a threat to me. What does that mean? It's complicated, not in such a way that I don't want to explain, but in a way that I don't have the time or patience to elaborate on right now. As for being at Future Shop this afternoon, it went like this: I was looking at batteries, while an employee was standing a couple feet in front of me, with his back turned. I moved to look at another side of the shelf, and he said something like "...and they thought nobody would ever walk around like that... I sympathize... in a good way". Following that, he went into how he used to live in Edmonton, and went to furmeets there, then asked "How long have you been?" I assumed the unspoken word was "furry", and I didn't want to try to distance myself just there, so I said "two or three years", and I can't remember if he said anything else. By that point, I'd found what I wanted, so I went up to the checkout, paid, and left, but yeah. Dan tells me of somebody that he discovered yesterday night, then today, a random Future Shop employee strikes up a brief conversation about what I think is an uncommon topic, with no delay at all. What is this? I don't... mind, I guess, but at the same time, like I said above, it's too much new stuff at the same time, and a day and a half isn't nearly long enough to process it.

That said, I paid ~$45 for four AAA batteries and an AA / AAA battery charger (which came with two of each battery as well) there, because I got a delivery slip today. What for? Those ears, of course. They require four AAA batteries, and while I still have those cheap ones I bought on eBay a couple years ago, I'd rather save those to be used in the remote for my air conditioner. That's only one thing to do tomorrow. Overall, Mom and I will be going to Sears to get the Christmas gift she wants, as well as to the bank so I can get money for her and Dad, then to Shoppers, so I can both pick up my package, and hopefully buy something there that Mom said Naomi would like for Christmas. Not a used PSP, for what it's worth. After that, I can come home, wash the dishes, and maybe actually finish backups. I switched things around with my PSP memory sticks tonight, so that one is devoted entirely to music, and the other has all of my homebrew applications, games, and ISOs, but they'll still probably take ~6 hours to copy over, which is a long time. Speaking of time, it's quarter to 8 now. Time to call it a night. I didn't really sleep in today (woke up at 3, but got to sleep around 8), and might not be able to tomorrow, but it's a nice thought all the same~

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