Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One More to Go

Expectations are going to be the end of me. Last night at work, I set about cleaning out the grease trap before scrubbing the floor, and expected to be able to finish the whole thing before any other customers came in, as it hadn't been busy up to that point, but quite a few did, of course, and I got irritable. I'm not about to repeat the things that I was saying / thinking there in here, because that would be unbecoming, but it's stupid, amusing, and just a little obvious all at the same time. Manoah and I actually discussed that on our way home once before, and yet, as with nearly everything else, I've forgotten about it. Like the title of this entry says though, I have but one more shift to go once again, and pretty much everybody expects it to not be busy tonight. Tom even came by after we'd closed yesterday, and after saying some other things, asked if it had been busy. I told him yes, and he said not to worry, because tomorrow would be "really dead". Sure. Perhaps it will be, but if I go in there expecting to not have very many customers and it ends up being a normal night, I'm going to wind up being pretty short-tempered. One interesting thing not related to customers that came up last night though was Manoah unintentionally showing me that I have a bit of a double standard. I was really annoyed with Laura before for walking around with the phone, having an extended personal conversation, but it didn't bother me in the slightest when Manoah did the same. Now, the one difference between them is that Manoah said he wasn't going to be like her, and continue talking if there were orders, but it was still interesting to notice. How will that change things for Wednesday, if it comes up then too? It might push me one or two steps closer to saying something to Mary on Thursday, because it would be the third or fourth night that I'd seen her (Laura) doing the same thing, but I'll have to wait and see. There is a pretty good chance that it'll be another long weekend though. This one went by pretty quickly, but I attribute that to the difference in other closers.

Work aside, I'm just waiting for somebody to tell me it's time to eat right now. Mom and Dad said they just had to get things ready, but that was about fifteen minutes ago, and I'm hungry, because I haven't eaten anything yet today. Then again, the exact same thing happened yesterday, and I was pretty much fine. I did go to 7-11 on the way home, because I was hoping to find a big bag of Sun Chips there, and that was enough, as it should allow me to eat a little more than normal today (such as left over turkey after work) and still be alright. Apart from food though, I've mostly been working on things once again. Mario mode in Mario no Super Picross is nearly finished (only half the special level left to go), and as of a couple days ago, I have even more music on top of everything I worked through last week to prepare to be put on my PSP. ~3GB / ~1,500 files worth, and they're all lumped into a single folder, so on top of running them all through MP3Tag, they also need to be divided into groups of ~200. I might be able to put them on my PSP as is, but I'd never make it to the bottom of the list. I'll probably never make it through all the music that's on there just now though, so that doesn't mean quite as much. Also, if I can think of something suitable, I want to find / make a new user picture for use here in the next couple days. I don't want to leave it blank, but the other ones don't have the same appeal anymore. I could write about my suspicions for why, but as it's nearly 5, I'll just say that it's nothing bad, as far as I can tell.

With that, I have a feeling we will be eating soon, so I'm going to get ready now. The only other thing I could mention today is that Tom wants me to make him another cookie pizza, which is why he came by work after we'd closed last night - to drop off a list of toppings he wants. Maybe I'll head out to Dollarama for those tomorrow, or maybe I'll wait until Thursday, and go after washing the dishes again. Either way, that won't be done today, so I can go tend to other things. Thanksgiving dinner first, since I would rather like something to eat~

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