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Typical Saturday

I don't understand this. I start up Firefox on the other computer. It gives me a box saying that I can update Platypus. I click update. I get an error saying that the current available version is incompatible with the version of Firefox I have installed. Then everything is fine for a while. However, as soon as I restart the computer and open Firefox, the same window pops up again :s Where's the "Skip Permanently" button when you need it?

But yeah. Obscure browser problems aside, tonight was alright. From about 12:30 on. Before that, we were fairly busy, but then things died down, so I managed to get line bagged, and everyone else tried to get things caught up, then at 11, Mark went to Sobeys because Josh wanted something from there (don't ask me). Josh was out cleaning the dining room at the time, so for about half an hour, it was Steve on drive through, and me on line, by ourselves. Then Mark got back at 11:30 or so, and the rush continued for another hour :x

So I've got tomorrow off, as well as Monday, but Josh already asked me if I wanted to do something that night, and I can tell you right now what's going to happen. Same thing that's happened the past ~10 times he's wanted to do anything. I still plan on bringing my laptop though, so I'll have things to do on that. It's just a pity there's no wireless access points available from his house. If I want to go on the internet, I have to wait 'till he's gone to bed, then unplug the cord from the back of his 360 :p Better than what I used to do, but we're not going to talk about that~

Y'know what? It's time for bed. It's 8 in the morning. I DON'T have to work tonight (amazingly), but there is the slight chance I'll be called in, seeing as I didn't write "NO" on today, but I doubt it. Glenda, John, and Jessica are all there. Jessica is only scheduled 'till 1, but she might end up staying. But yeah. That's one thing to take note of. Jessica's starting to close quite frequently on Mondays now. MAYBE one of them coming up, they'll schedule her, STEVE, and Glenda, giving me and John a Monday night off together, so we can hopefully head down to London for one of those furmeets :3 It's a long shot, but it could happen~

Now it's time for bed.

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