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We're Avoiding the Topic

Not to start this out with something complicated, but Brandon currently owes me $68.58. I sent him an email a couple days ago to say that it looked like the shirt he wanted was available for purchase again, but still couldn't be shipped to Canada, and in reply, he said thanks, and asked if I would buy him something else. It was another bundle of stuff, and I did buy it, but forgot to add a poster tube, which was corrected today, but I've yet to receive a payment from him. He did reply quickly enough to say that I had all my bases covered when I forwarded to him a copy of the message to ask about the hat he wanted (and I paid for) from the same site, but it's now been ~20 minutes since I asked about being paid, and he hasn't replied. Oh, sure, maybe he's still at school, or is busy with something else, but I am nothing if never anxious when it comes to other people and my money. On the better side of things though, I received a GST check for $97.85 today. I may have spent $11 at 7-11 last night, and Sun Life may have also taken their monthly payment, but so long as I keep $40, and put the remainder into my checking account, that will put the balance up to just over $400 which - apart from Brandon's purchase - should stay that way until next Thursday. I have $20 in my wallet right now, which would increase to $60 with some taken from that check, and even if I spend $20 on energy drinks and cookie pizza toppings and other snacks at Dollarama tonight, I'll still have $40 to last another week, which would seem to be more than enough.

On a slightly different note, the schedule ending on the 23rd of October was up at work last night. Same as usual, I have Tuesday and Thursday off, but close otherwise. Starting from tomorrow night, with Laura and Tom twice, then with Laura alone, then with Manoah, followed by Manoah again on both Wednesday and Friday, as well as Tom on the latter day, then James, Tom, and I on Saturday, and James and I on our own again for Sunday and Monday. Is fun, yes? I like how I can remember that from only a passing glance at the schedule, but beyond that is one other thing that is fairly easy to conclude now. I will be closing on Halloween. Hopefully with James or Manoah, so I can ask to be on line. Being on drive through is okay too, because I get to introduce myself as Karadur for one night out of the year, but I remember being on it last year, with Gabby, and having an awful bruise kind of pain in the sides of my head by the end of the night, from not wearing a hat. At any rate, I got paid $600 last week, and should be getting just as much, if not more next, for working on Thanksgiving, and then that third one on November 1st, which shouldn't be affected by going away, because our pay periods are from Tuesday one week we don't get paid, until Tuesday the next week we don't get paid. Trying to apply that is kind of confusing, but it means I should get a full pay sometime between coming home and heading to the train station on the 1st. Maybe this will turn out well after all, hmm? I must admit I like the idea of waiting until I'm on the train to email Michele and say "I'm actually on the train to Toronto right now, so I won't be available until the 12th". I suppose that could be seen as irresponsible, but it's not like she's said "I will definitely need you no later than November 1st". Just that she will need me again, which is a little more... ambiguous.

In terms of other odds and ends now, I have one big thing to work on tonight: going through that torrent of Redwall books, same as I did that other folder of music a couple days ago. I only hope listening to the stories is as good as reading them. I do remember such vivid descriptions of meals the characters had as a celebration - amazing, impressive cakes, and such an array of other food that I begin to salivate just remembering it (even though I don't remember anything specifically)... They will be fun to listen to again. The only potential issue is that I might have to delete some music to put them on. That's right. I've managed to just about fill up ~60GB already. I'm good at this, aren't I? The other thing I'm considering looking into is this. It's something I wanted before, but now that I find that it's possible, I'm having second thoughts. That would greatly help with organization, but would require a fairly time-consuming restructure of my music folder, not to mention not knowing how album art for parent folders is handled. I have a feeling the PSP would use the first subfolder's art, which isn't what I want. I suppose it could still be something to look into, but I need to get those books ready first. On that note, it's about time I got ready to head to the bank. I wonder if it feels that way because this is when I'd be leaving for work? At least the walk will be shorter~

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