Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Want to Watch More

But sadly don't have enough time tonight. I've once again managed to while away the entire afternoon on nothing in particular, but at least unlike last night, I don't have a headache to show for it. Maybe it was having all those Redwall audiobook MP3s to retag, or maybe it was an onslaught of newly discovered TV shows, but I was up until ~7 yet again, slept 'til 3, and then have just had about four hours of doing the same. Guess what I'll probably do when I get home from work later too? That's correct. I'll definitely need to neaten up my torrents as well, because they're becoming a bit... overcrowded. I think it was Wikipedia's page on Restaurant Impossible that led to discovering Bar Rescue, which in turn led to discovering Flip Men, then World's Worst Tenants, and few more upon taking a look at the website for Spike TV today. Unfortunately, I've completely watched all the episodes I have downloaded of the first three shows, and the others, well, they're a bit of a mess. It gives me something other than game-related projects to work on, but not being able to find complete series (even as torrents of individual episodes) isn't much help. As for setting aside a bunch of time to go through those audiobooks yesterday, they're done, but there's an issue. The folder / playlist titles are "Brian Jacques - [number]] Book Title", with the book's number and title instead of the placeholders, but unlike the other two book series I already have on my PSP, there are more than ten books. There are also changes in how files are sorted between FAT32 and NTFS filesystems. With NTFS, files numbered one through ten, sorted descending by filename would all appear in the proper order - 1, 2, 3, and so on - but in FAT32, they would start with 10, and then go back to 1, for some reason I can't explain right now. That means that for 21 books, they appear in the music list as books 10 through 9, then 1, then 20 and 21, and lastly 2 through 9. I think what I may be able to do to solve that is to simply zero-pad the books with single-digit numbers, but same as with writing this, I don't have enough time to test that now.

Music aside, what else could I say about things from yesterday evening to right now? Well, I forgot to buy energy drinks at Dollarama, to start. I looked straight at them, and noticed that they had both types, unlike before, but completely forgot I had wanted to buy some until I got home. At least I still have one downstairs - it'll be for tomorrow, if I remember it - and can go next Thursday (or Wednesday, while we're out grocery shopping) to buy two more. I don't need one for both Friday and Saturday, and there are only two weekends left after the one that starts today, so it is... alright. As for buying other snacks there, I really didn't. All I picked up after getting things for Tom's cookie pizza were a bag of snack mix (chips, pretzels, and such), and a couple pieces of really early Christmas candy. The candy was pretty good too, and two pieces were only one dollar, so I'll definitely get more. I probably should've bought more last night as well, because... I ended up ordering some garlic bread and mozzarella sticks from Pizza Tonite. I do want to note that it wasn't like ordering from there before though. I actually had to tell myself "I'm doing this to have something special tonight", instead of just feeling a burning desire to order pizza. It's now past time for me to leave for work however, so off I go to my first of two closes with Laura and Tom. Should be interesting (and busy, what with GST checks), but I'm honestly glad to have Tom as the other closer. He doesn't smoke, but Cheryl does, so it evens things out somewhat. Now to wonder about Laura and the phone...

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