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All Ready for Another

Unless things have drastically changed tonight (as a result of something I said yesterday), I'm rather looking forward to another night of doing everything on my own. Last night started out so busy that there was still a bunch of extra food up front when I started, and instead of going right to taking it, I had to take orders for a bit, because everybody else was making them. In spite of that though, I still managed to have everything - 5 ~ 6 substantial tasks - finished by ~1:30 (more or less the normal time) entirely on my own. I was impressed with Tom too, for keeping at the ridiculous pile of dishes that were at the back when we started, but did Laura really say thanks to either of us? Not to him, as far as I know, and if she said anything to me, I didn't notice. In fact, the only relevant thing she said to me for pretty much the whole night was that she was going to clean the grill, and would thus clean the wall behind it herself as well. I was fairly upset at first, because that's been my job since the first time she asked for it to be done, but in the end, she just let it slip by. I couldn't guess why, but I have a pretty good suspicion that it's because that would've been extra cleaning, and she couldn't be bothered. On the good side of things, she wasn't on the phone nearly as much (she used it three or four times during the night, but it was only for five minutes or so), but (because there's always a caveat), the person who she has presumably been talking to was actually hanging around a bit before the dining room closed. Out in the hallway leading to the public bathrooms, or at the counter where the food is given out, or maybe even outside, but I don't know if he was there, because I didn't look. One way or the other, it's getting kind of out-of-hand, yes? I can accept him just coming to say hi to her, and for them to have a (single) cigarette outside together, but any more than that, and something must be said. Perhaps sooner than later, because I want to ask Mary about other people (Laura and Tom in particular) clearing the orders before they're finished when I'm on line.

Simply put, in order to keep the times low, orders are usually cleared from the screens before they're made. We used to do it that way, but Melissa said we had to stop, because it constituted falsifying times, but it seems that it's quickly creeping back in again now, and I'm stuck in the middle. I offered Tom a compromise last night - if the time was over one minute, that order could be cleared, but if it was under, he should leave it be, but Laura can still overrule that, which is the issue I ran into yesterday. Let's be completely honest though. I'm not afraid to disagree with Laura, but I don't want confrontation. That's what it's all about. If I knew she would let me have my way without a fuss by speaking up, I would, but I don't, so... I don't. In any case, he complied with my request for a couple orders, but then she started telling him to clear them herself, and after only a short time of that, I'd had enough, and said "One of you should be on line tomorrow, huh? You're so eager to bump the boards...". Neither of them offered any reply, but here's my other thing. When I asked Laura about being on something else (such as prep) on either Friday or Saturday, and line on the other, she said she wanted to keep me where I was, because my times were better than Cheryl's (and maybe Tom's as well, now that Cheryl doesn't want to close anymore). See the problem with that? I'm not the one keeping times down, Laura. It's you constantly clearing orders when they've only been up there for ~10 seconds. I also really dislike the way she wraps burritos, so even when she was helping me with orders last night, I still tried to wrap as many on my own as I could. In some cases though, there were two in an order, and we wrapped one each, so I can just imagine the customer's reaction. Alas, even if I left for work now and managed to make it there in ~10 minutes, Mary has the day off, so I wouldn't be able to talk to her.

Work aside, I don't want to call this a productive day, but it has been minimally productive, if anything. I talked to Dad briefly before I went to bed, to tell him I might be going away at the end of the month, and he reminded me this morning that Mom's birthday is coming up on the 27th, so there's that to plan for (more on it in a bit), but apart from that, I've both cleaned up uTorrent and added some more downloads, so knowing it, I'll have even more to do when I get home from work later. As for Mom's birthday, an idea came to mind just as I was writing about it up there. At this point, I'm looking at going away as that I will be, but have to wait to be paid next week to get a train ticket. After that, I'll want to make some treats to leave at work for everybody, which would likely be a chocolate chip cheesecake pie, and Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies this time. What I'm thinking is that I could just plan to make two cheesecake pies, then leave one down in the basement fridge to be taken to work the day before I leave, and the other to "give" to Mom as a present. Kind of a lackluster present as I see it, but I think she'd like that, and I want to make something for everybody here again, since I haven't in quite a while. The one issue with that is of course money. Despite such certainty before, nobody can say for sure whether or not we'll be getting our vacation pay next week, so I figure it safer to assume that I won't. I also don't want to speculate about how much extra I would've made from closing on Halloween, so if I get paid $600, that puts me up to $1,000. A train ticket would immediately take me down to $860, on top of which gas money would leave me with $830, and approximately $100 more for other expenses here would give me a total of ~$760 to last until the 1st. I'd also like to give Mom and Dad their money for November before I go away, further cutting that amount to $550, which would go right back up to (hopefully) ~$1,100 with that pay. November is also one of the months Mom will need money for groceries in, but we get paid three times then, so that should be alright. I should also be getting ~$60 from Mom in exchange for Christmas presents for other people, and then I'll need to think about going out to Walmart and Real Canadian Superstore. So fun, isn't it? Frustrating as well, I suppose, but at least it's not in a harmful way. That would make it difficult to focus at work tonight, and on that note, I should be off. Hopefully I don't get rained on~

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