Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Wind is Back

I am somewhat looking forward to walking to work because of it, but also remember what heading there through strong gusts of wind was like last week. It doesn't help that I feel so... frail today too (it's a difficult sensation to describe), but what could that be because of? Did I not eat enough yesterday? Did I stay up too late / not get enough sleep? For the moment, I'm going with the latter, because that makes the most sense. I did remember to take my last energy drink to work last night, and waited until ~2:30 to drink it, but am pretty sure I felt the effects wearing off as I got closer to the house. Then, however, I had a can of Pepsi along with some lasagna that was left over from supper, which kept me awake for nearly three hours more. I wanted to go to bed at a more reasonable time too - my first attempt was a few minutes after 6 - but I couldn't. I was just not tired, so I got up and took care of some email-related things, and finally got to sleep sometime after 8, if I'm not mistaken. Then woke up at 3, which is going to help closing tonight so very much. I suppose it is nice in a different sort of way - the way I feel right now is different from normal, so it will be fun and / or interesting to notice how it affects me throughout the night - but here's hoping work isn't too busy. Yesterday night wasn't, so a fair amount of extra cleaning got done, but unlike Friday, I was noticeably tired, and couldn't find the energy to keep pressing through things. As an aside though, one of the things I found to clean last night looked like it hadn't been done in a very long while. Air vents back in the middle, that had water and black buildup on the outside, and which made a mess when I tried to clean them. They are clean now, and from this point on, I'll make a point of just quickly wiping them off at least once a week, but yes. Also, as I remarked to myself on the way home, it surely can't be too much longer until Tom and Laura get into a real, proper verbal fight about something. They were very nearly going at each other last night over him not ringing an order in properly, but it's the first time I've ever heard him raise his voice. Were they frustrated? Probably yes, because I was also laughing at noticing that he really knows know to push her buttons, but I was also strongly considering stepping in, because they didn't seem to be getting anywhere. I didn't, and they did work it out a minute later, but I do have the feeling that's going to happen eventually. Fortunately, Laura isn't closing for either of the two weekends covered on the currently posted schedules, and on the very last day on the second one (Tuesday), Mary is the closing manager, so I think it might actually go that I close with her (and somebody else, on the weekend) for the last week before I go away. That would be interesting.

Outside of work, however, things have been pretty slow, as usual. All I could really mention is that I've been thinking some more about what groceries I'll need to buy next week, and by extension, what things I will make for the furmeet in Toronto. Non-cookie items have already been decided, but as for cookies... I don't know if I want to make the ones with Oreos inside again, but if not those, what else? Oatmeal, with nice, big chunks of chocolate (if Bulk Barn carries something of that sort)? Seems like a good idea, because I want to use some of the oatmeal left from February while I'm there. Before the furmeet as well, Tom and I came to a decision that I'll bring his cookie pizza in on Tuesday night, so I can collect my pay stub at the same time, but I will have to wait until Friday to be paid for it. Waiting is fine, so long as he remembers the money, but what about making the pizza? I could work on that tonight, and leave it in the fridge to cool, so it can be iced tomorrow, or I could just skip going to 7-11 for snacks on the way home tomorrow, make it then, and get some on the way home on Tuesday. I also need to stop procrastinating and call to schedule an appointment to have my health card renewed tomorrow, because I received a letter to that effect a couple weeks ago, but haven't acted on it yet. Yeah. Work first though, which I am going to get ready for right now. I need to get outside to wake myself up a bit~

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