Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Another Day of Fatigue

Not getting enough sleep must be to blame, because yet again, in spite of my best efforts, I was up until ~7am. Unlike Saturday night, however, sleeping was significantly more interesting. One part of a dream that I remember had me having done something bad (I can't recall what it was), and coming extremely uncomfortably close to a witness telling other people about whatever it was that I had done. Somehow, even though I was asleep, I got quite legitimately panicked, and simultaneously told that person and myself "You can't go there" / "You can't dream about that", because it probably would've affected my mood today. In the end, I didn't, and felt a strong sense of relief when it became clear that I had been successful, but looking back now, I wonder what happened? Perhaps it's better that I don't remember, but curiosity is a very strong force. Another unrelated bit I can remember had me at Sobeys buying pop. I picked and paid for one of those generic cases that are designed to look like Pepsi, and some time after exiting the store, realized what I had actually purchased, but told myself it didn't matter. I opened it and pulled out a can right there, which was warm, and tasted overpoweringly sweet. Thankfully, although different, it wasn't undrinkable, so I looked down at the case again, telling myself that I didn't waste my money, at least, and noticed there some small text below the "Cola" label indicating that it was cotton candy-flavored. I haven't used the word "yesh" in a very long while, but... indeed. That would explain the strong sugary-sweet taste. Finally, the third (and best) one had me and an unspecified group of other people going on a trip. I don't remember exactly where this specific bit of information came from, but I knew our destination was Niagara Falls, and we were traveling by train. My brain was clearly not entirely working though, because I remember thinking at one point that we were past Toronto, which, prior to that trip, was the end of the line as I saw it. Discrepancies aside, it was the scenery that really caught my attention. Up until very close to the end of the dream, it was about normal - drab trees and roads, and overcast skies, but then we passed through a tunnel, and upon exiting at the other side, we were in completely different surroundings. Everything was much more bright and vibrant - the very first thing that caught my eye were the trees, decorated with a stunning array of green, white, and red leaves, set against a bright brown trunk and branches, and the track? Up until exiting that tunnel, we were still on solid ground, but on the other side, it was like they were floating on water. Me and at least one other person were right at the "front" of the train too (it was more like the subway in Toronto), with an amazing unobsructed view of everything in front of us, but not being prepared, I did not have my camera out, and had only enough time to retrieve it from my pocket before the entire train stopped. Somebody made an announcement that that was our rest stop, so everybody piled out to walk around a bit and get some fresh air. Me and that aforementioned person brought a cat (which looked like I imagine Cinnamon did as a kitten) we had along with us out as well, and I remember them letting her down on the ground, which worried me a bit, because I didn't want her to run away. Instead of reaching down to pick her back up though, I just bent down to scratch her head, and she got up on her back legs and put her paws in my hair, as if she was going to jump up on my head or something. A short amount of time passed after that, but I don't remember anything else that happened, and then I woke up. It'd be nice if there was a way to fall asleep and immediately resume the same dream in those circumstances. Any conscious thought I put toward it drifts off the moment I fall asleep though (and rightly so), which doesn't help.

That said, dreams, as interesting as they may be sometimes, are not all I want to write about today. Due to having a fairly decent night in spite of being fatigued and not entirely with it yesterday, I got some snacks from 7-11 on the way home. Those cost ~$9.50, which would leave me with $20, but today, to my surprise, another check for $22.75 had come for me, which I haven't decided how to use yet. It will go toward groceries (baking supplies) in all likelihood though, because Naomi also gave me $10 for the internet for this month about half an hour ago. It's nice how that works out (and proves that I can come into money by unexpected means without finding it while out walking somewhere), but my pay stub is still what I'm really looking forward to seeing. Last I knew, there's still no certainty as to whether we'll be getting our vacation pay, but so long as I get as much as I'm expecting from normal hours, going to Via Rail could be exactly the thing I need to set Thursday this week apart, and I need something like that, because Thursdays lately are much too boring. Should I stop going to Dollarama for snacks? Should I try to find more specific things to do, instead of treating the day (dishes aside) as an extended period with which to relax? I would have more to do this week, if I went to the train station and Dollarama in the same walk, but the only thing I really want from the latter is more of those Christmas chocolates. I suppose I could go anyway.

Otherwise though, I'm now getting hungry enough that it's time to go make some waffles for breakfast. I should have enough time that I could make the cookie for Tom's cookie pizza too, but that will still be done after work at earliest. I do need to check if we have enough icing sugar though, so yeah. Time to go take care of all of that~

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