Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Putting an End to It

I very nearly decided to go to sleep early last night. Due to possibly not getting enough sleep (or perhaps getting too much), or eating too many of the toppings that couldn't go on Tom's cookie pizza, there were two points around midnight where it almost happened, and yet I managed to pull myself through, not with a shower or by turning the lights on, but by deciding that right then would be a fine time to go through all of the Windows 7 visual styles I've downloaded, and rework their directory structure a bit. All bitmap images were filed into folders indicating which file they were for (ExplorerFrame.dll, or shell32.dll, for example), and those in turn were all placed inside of a folder named "Bitmaps" as the first step. The second, and much more time consuming one was to deal with actual DLL files. Apparently I'd never officially decided on how I wanted them to be organized, so for some, the "System Files" folder had two subfolders, for x86 and x64 files, which themselves in some cases had an additional folder for files meant to be used with SP 1, and that's not even getting into themes with substyles (Toybox, for example), which have separate files for each substyle. In the end, to use ExplorerFrame as an example, they were all renamed to match this template: ExplorerFrame ([substyle]) ([x86 / x64]) ([SP 1]).dll, with the [SP 1] bit obviously being optional. And how about the those themes where the author decided the theme folder was the best place for the bitmap images? Maybe it made sense to them, but it was just another step for me. They are all done now though, but have I yet mentioned that there were 189? 1.13GB too, which is an awful lot considering that's mostly because of system files and wallpapers.

That is more or less why I missed writing something in here yesterday though. That, and getting a ride to work to drop Tom's cookie pizza off, because Mom had to go to Shoppers as well, and then having to wait for nearly an hour there with her while they prepared what she needed to pick up. At least I was able to get my pay stub at work, and find that while our vacation pay was not on it after all, I'll still be getting ~$670. To think that will actually put me up over $1,000 again, if only briefly. Groceries and a train ticket are the first things to deal with, but I wasn't / won't be able to get either as soon as I was thinking before. Toward groceries, Mom and Naomi went today, even though I thought I would be going, and toward a train ticket, I forgot the idea was to wait until the schedule going into November is up, so I can see whether or not I work on Halloween, and leave a couple days early if I don't. It's not a big deal yet, but it does remind me that I'm going to have to contact Dan about that again at some point, which I don't really want to do. I want to go there again, yes, but I'd like to see some more interest in it on his part. Maybe he doesn't have anything to ask about, but I don't have time to speculate tonight. What I need is to leave for work, because at this rate, I will have just enough time to walk in, head to the back, and change into my uniform. No sitting down outside tonight...

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